How to Set up Your Own Cleaning Business

One should have the know how on starting a cleaning business before venturing into that field. When starting a cleaning company, you should decide if you want to venture into the commercial or residential sector. Commercial cleaning involves working in a company or institution as a janitor, employing a number of people as janitors and managing. Cleaning services involves window cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture and floors. The consumer section involves maid services and cleaning the whole house, though not as frequently as in companies and institutions.

After you have decided on the sector you desire to fill, you can now get down to startup details. It is possible to even merge these two sectors and establish a cleaning business that serves both. The best thing about launching a cleaning firm is that unlike other businesses, it does not involve complicated and expensive equipment to launch. This saves you a lot of money in terms of startup costs. A cleaning business requires vacuum cleaners, detergents, window wipes, pressure washers, lawn mowers and carpet cleaners. Such equipment is very cheap, but make sure you acquire them in good working conditions. Virtually every tool, machine or supply you need can be purchased in your local hardware store. However, you may require a higher number of cleaning appliances and tools depending on the type of company you have.

All ventures require qualifications, although they differ according to what the business demands. When setting up a cleaning company, all you need is a desire to work, efficiency and honesty. You should of course be able to work, have knowledge about running a business like balancing books and most importantly, maintain a working relationship between you and your clients and staff.

Establishing a cleaning company does not require a complex recruiting process. Get people who are trustworthy, hardworking, available and polite and you are good to go.

The rates you charge are another factor to consider when you decide to establish a cleaning business. If you are alone and offer private maid cleaning services, the rate is easy to come up with. Most cleaning maids charge by the hour while others by the work load. If you have employees however, you should calculate carefully so that you can charge the client a reasonable amount that will cover the supplies, pay your employees and leave a reasonable profit for yourself.

Advertise your cleaning venture. Simple ads or posters in the area your potential clients frequent will catch someone’s eye. Once you manage to get a client, do your cleaning expeditiously, be friendly and follow instructions. This will get you more clients as people are very particular about their spaces. If you clean efficiently, word will spread and you will get more clients. Other ways of advertising your new venture include flyers, business cards, and getting listed in the yellow pages.

For commercial cleaning services, you will need insurance cover and registration. However this is not necessary for private maid services.

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