Choosing Your Blog Platform

Establishing a successful blog requires the right choice of blog platforms. Going though various CMS platforms to find one that suites you and your niche. Choosing the right platform for your blog will help you to manage the designs, layout and content management of your site.

In choosing your platform, you need to determine first the goal of your blog, what are you looking to achieve from your blog? Whether your looking to sell something, promote a service, a journal or you just want to shout out to the world and make your voice heard. Secondly, if you are also looking to monetize your blog, like putting online referrals, banners, adsense or other advertisements. All this needs to be made clear before you jump into choosing your blogging platform.

Below are some blog platforms you may choose from.

  1. Wordpress – this is the mostly used and very first established open source blog platform known in the market. is different from If you going to monetize your blog, then you should go with It’s hosting is not free like but you can have your own domain separate from Wordpress.

     Since Wordpress was originally created for blog purpose and it’s already an established platform, there are many available widgets to install and help enhanced your readers’ experiences.

    View Sample Wordpress Blogs Here

  1. Blogger (Blogspot) – This is the Google blog site. If you do not have budget for hosting yet, you can start doing your blog here and set up to monetize your site. They are also hosting personal domains like Wordpress if you decided to brand your blog.

    Blogspot has a very manageable admin pages. You can also host many blogsites in only one blogspot account.

    View Sample Blogspot Sites Here

  1. Typepad – Is a non-free platform that offers different packages for the bloggers. You can set up your own choice of template in a few clicks, they have several of templates to offer.

    View Sample Blogspot Sites Here

  1. Moveable Type – like Blogger and Wordpress, they are also offering free and hosted blogs. Their fees are per license.

    View Moveable Sites Here

  1. Joomla or Drupal – These two are both open source website builders that can be created and customized dynamic websites. If you are planning to create a blog with ecommerce site, you can choose either one of these two.

    View Joomla Sites Here
    View Drupal Sites Here

The above are some of blog platforms available for you to build your blog. However, you also need to consider whether you will choose a free or a hosted site based on the goal of your blog. See below:

Free Platform

Primarily, your blog is not branded. You have lesser control on functionalities and some features are not available for you such as limited templates and disabled widgets.

Hosted Platform

With Hosted Platform, you can choose your own domain and your blog will be branded how you like. You can have more control with your blog functionalities, widgets and template redressing.

Starting a blog is easy, but establishing a successful blog requires time and commitment, when choosing a to set up a blog, ensure you choose a platform that you can work with, now days you can easily move your data from one platform to another, but why go though the hassle moving, and time, when you can get it right first time round.

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