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  • Importance of Creating and Sharing Content

    Everyday online thousands of new pages are created in the forms of blog posts, new websites being launched, news articles, press releases and the list goes on. All this content are being submitted online for a reason regardless of what format they are in (text articles, videos, and audio…etc). Some of the reasons 1. New […]

  • 5 Simple Benefits for creating a business Mobile App

    1. Engagement: one of the many ways of keeping your customers and visitors engaged with your business is using a mobile app for your business. The app could be anything from a news portal about your industry to an educational game with the focus of keeping your customers tuned in. 2. Communication: With push notification […]

  • How To Integrate FaceBook Open Graph – For WordPress And Blogger

    By  integrating FaceBook Open Graph Protocol one can easily share content with FaceBook friends. Whenever someone like the content , it gets published on their FB profile if the Open Graph Protocol is implemented correctly. With the Open Graph, your app becomes a part of the user’s identity and social graph. Through a single API, you […]

  • Managing Android Applications

    To be able to get most of your Android mobile device, it is important that you know how to manage your apps. Here are easy-to-follow steps on how you can view protected applications and reinstall and force stop regular apps. How to view protected Android apps There are two types of apps available in the […]

  • How To Implement Twitter Cards

    With the shift of the web towards the semantic web and the focus being on data connectivity and its    co relevant display. The web is giving priority to Rich Snippets, HTML 5, microformats and schemas.  Twitter introduced ‘Twitter Cards’ in June 2012. Twitter displays a summary and a thumbnail image of the post shared on […]

  • How to Side-load and Update Android Apps

    Android applications, in most cases, are installed directly on Smartphones via the Android Market app, which accesses both free and paid application available on Google’s online marketplace. However, Android apps can also be installed through a process called ‘side-loading’ – an installation technique that involves the transfer of apps from a desktop PC directly to […]