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  • SSH 101: The Basics of PuTTY SSH Client

    Secure Shell Access (SSH) is a tool used to securely connect to a remote server or remote computer. It means that you can perform a certain command or set of commands on your computer and have another computer execute the actions. Installing and configuring the SSH client If you don’t have the SSH program in […]

  • Selecting A Readymade Website Theme or Creating a Uniuque Theme

    Author : Wasim Ismail Purpose of this article When deciding to setup an online website, in the initial stage you are in the planning stage of the design, how the website should look and feel. You generally have couple of options, one of the questions is either hiring a graphics designer to design your website from […]

  • How to Add a Newsletter at the End of Every Wordpress Post

    If you want to expand your readership and establish a strong online relationship with your readers, you should then provide them with fresh, regular and relevant content. You can then broadcast new contents on your site through newsletters. One of the most effective ways of getting your readers opt-in into your newsletter is by placing […]

  • How to Backup Your WordPress Database

    As part of your website maintenance, you should do a regular backup of your database. Although your webhost keeps a recent copy of your files, you still have to do manual backups yourself just to be sure. There are 3 ways you can back your WordPress database up: using your cPanel, using phpMyAdmin and by […]

  • Understanding Javascript’s Asynchronous Code

    One of Javascript’s strength is the way it handles asynchronous (async) code. Instead of getting blocked, the thread is pushed in an event queue which gets fired after the execution of all the other codes. This means that you can let your code do several things at the same time without stopping or locking your […]

  • Nation Wide Security Website Launch

    We are pleased to launch www.nationwidesecurityuk.com An UK based security company offering a wide range of services. We worked with their agent to produce the design work and upon approval developed the website along with contact forms for visitors to fill out.