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  • Building HTML5 the Smart Way

    Have you used HTML5 in your latest website? Or are you too intimidated to even try? HTML5 has not changed on how you build web pages much, but it can be helpful to go through the nitty-gritty of a well-written HTML5 document so that you can understand how to build an HTML5 page and why you […]

  • Input Types You Should Know in HTML5

    With the wide use of HTML5 in the web-scape, the various components in web development is essential ammo in coding. Among these all-important components, are the form input types that you can use in HTML5. There are more than a dozen of the new input types that you can make full use of when developing […]

  • Using the deployment descriptor: web.xml

    With the wide use of the java platform enterprise edition in most web applications now, making full use of the deployment descriptor DD is essential. The web.xml provides a suitable mechanism for making your web applications customizable without the need to mess with the code. This is done by determining how URLs map to servlets […]

  • 3 Steps to Start Your Business with Google Places

    Author: Wasim Ismail  From all over the world, people search for businesses on Google by the millions if not billions each day. Your business will benefit from Google Places for Business when they search for your business or locale by having your contact information available at their fingertips. Just how do you start to set-up […]

  • Is Your Business Site Up to Speed For Your Customers?

    In this age of fast internet connection and mobile web access, you need to be sure that your business is not left in the dust and lagging away from your competitors. You should have your business readily accessible online anywhere at any time for your current clients and potential customers. Just how do you ensure […]

  • Put Business Pinterest Analytics to Work

    Author : Wasim Ismail Have you ever wondered how your business website’s images are engaging your visitors? Having several images on your website does not truly guarantee that you will keep your visitors engaged and kept on your page even with all those social media buttons. You can place these tools all you like, but how […]