Magento 2 System Requirements

Magento 2 is a great platform for e-commerce, but there is still some confusion on how to run magento 2, such as “can we install magento 2 on server like magento 1 we did? Magento 2 has many new features that require new technology from your server.

To choose the best magento 2 hosting, it is necessary to understand the what environment server will be compatible with Magento 2.

Based on our experience and knowledge, Linux and centos are the best options to run magento 2. Centos is also recommend magento 2 by many.

Magento 2 has new requirement to install composer on server and due to composer magento 2 run will run faster and manage files and folders.

Magento 2 has one new requirement is PHP OPcache, this is the main technology why magento 2.X has better performance than magento 1.X. if you turn on this feature your store will run 20% faster.

Magento 2

Below are system requirements:

Supported web-servers :

Apache 2.2 and better


MySQL 5.6.x and greater version


 PHP 5.5.x and greater version

Required PHP extensions:

  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • mhash
  • SimpleXML
  • curl
  • xsl
  • gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both
  • SOAP
  • intl

Memory_limit 512Mb and more

Caching (optional) :

  • Redisv 3.0
  • Varnish v3.5 or latest stable v4.x
  • Memcached latest version

Composer :

 Latest version

Recommended :

  • php_xdebug2.2.0 and better (for development purposes)
  • PHPUnit (as a command-line tool) 4.1 and better

Have a Good Clear Website Navigation

There is nothing as frustrating to find yourself on a site where you are unable to navigate around to find the information that you are looking for. As a site owner it’s important that you present your visitors with the information that they are seeking as quick as possible, especially if you would like them to follow through as a lead and trust your products and services.

Good website menu

The general rule of thumb is that you have three seconds to impress your visitor. Your visitor will give you the first three seconds once arriving on your site for you to shout out what your website is all about, failing to capture their attention within the first few seconds you have potentially lost the visitor.

During the the design phase of your project, give extra care to the way your site navigation looks. It’s all good having a wow factor website with a fancy navigation, with multiple layers, and images, but if it doesn’t fulfil its purpose, it’s as good as not having a navigation, and ultimately you could be loosing potential customers and visitors.

Good Website Navigation

What makes a good navigation

Position of the navigation: Make sure that your navigation is easily found, It’s recommended to keep the navigation at the top or on the left hand side of of your website, which is where your users would expect the navigation to be. Having it in an easy to find location means lower bounce rates.

Consistent: Keep the navigation look, feel and position constant throughout the website.

Descriptive: Use labels that describe your products and services along with what the page is about.

Keep clicks to minimum: Avoid having multiple layers of navigation, ideally one dropdown if needed. The more drop-downs you have, your visitor can get confused.

Key Labels: Have your key pages in your main navigation such as – The service or product you sell, FAQ, Contact Us, About Us…etc

Logo link: Link the site logo to your home page.

Footer navigation: Have your secondary pages in your footer navigation such as – Terms, Privacy Policy….etc

Concise and clear: Keep the message and text short and simple.

Overcrowding: Do not overcrowd your navigation, a good figure is not to increase above seven tabs.

Review: Review your site’s analytics and monitor what is getting clicked on and what is not. The tabs that do not get any clicks consider removing them, changing the order or changing the text of the labels.

Responsive: During the design phase consider the look and feel of how your website would look on mobile devices, along with which tabs are needed mon mobile devices and which you need to remove.

Website is is an integral part of your website, it’s important to create a well thought navigation that will work for your website.

Three Measures To Keep Track Of A Cell Mobile Phone mobile tracker app

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Discuss global financial envision of the planet in 200 several years from now

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Geographic Online business Extension Operation:

Geographic Online business Extension Operation:

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