What you need to know about Telemarketing

Telemarketing, or more commonly known as telesales, is a type of marketing strategy wherein an agent makes a direct marketing sale to clients over the phone.  Currently, businesses, institutions, agencies, companies and individuals are called by telemarketers – to check if they have already tried or if they are aware of the products that their company is offering. Afterwards, the prospective customer is then be convinced to purchase the same.

There are many ways to conduct telemarketing sales – some of which can be done thru phone or web conferencing. Websites and online applications are now also used by telemarketing agents to call anyone, from any continent at anytime – for a small monthly fee.  Google talk and Skype are just some of the most commonly applications used by telemarketers – making telemarketing easier and inexpensive for them, and making their scope of their market reach even larger in scale.

Most telemarketing calls are made to people who are unaware that they are being called upon by agents for the purpose of sales.  This technique is most commonly known as “cold calling”, which means that the person called upon did not give any permission for the telemarketers to call them up.

The personal information of clients are usually found thru advertising, or because the company has stumbled upon the fact that these people are actually clients who bought similar products from competing companies, or from online inquiries that they have made thru the Web.

Some telemarketing companies use recorded messages when they call up potential customers – either for preset phone numbers, or, for some random numbers.  The machine would then detect if a person or answering machine answers the call.

If the call is answered by an answering machine – a message in a form of recorded sales pitch would then be left. If a person picks up the call, the recording would then be automatically hung-up.

Sadly, it is due to this manner of marketing that telemarketing has been getting a negative impression – currently being considered by many as a scam and a nuisance – making it a very controversial marketing strategy.

What Are The Types of Telemarketing Jobs?

Telemarketing jobs are actually divided into 2 groups, which are the business-to-business group wherein telemarketers call up other businesses, and the business-to-consumer group – wherein calls are made to individuals.

From the abovementioned groups, telemarketing is then further divided into sub-groups depending on its job description.

The most common of telemarketing jobs is the one associated with sales.  In this group, telemarketers call up business or clients in order to close a deal or to make a sale.

Another telemarketing job is lead generation or telemarketing data entry – which is more like research telemarketing – where telemarketers would call up clients to seek and retrieve information. The information taken from here is then used to make the call list for the telemarketing sales department to call later on.

Calls made by telemarketers are also divided into inbound calls and outbound calls. Inbound calls are calls made by the client to the company, which include: inquiries, clarifications, complains, bookings, directions, instructions and technical help.

Outbound calls are calls made by the agent to the clients such as those mentioned above, like for example, sales and lead generation.

Advantages of Telemarketing:

One of the advantages of having a telemarketing department in your company is that you will have a wider market.  It is actually a straightforward approach that you can use on your clients, wherein you can propose terms and conditions on your customers, without them having to come to your office and to ask the questions or give answers.

Telemarketing is also cost effective.  It will save you both time and money – compared to the conventional methods, wherein a sales person will have to roam in the streets, carrying brochures and placards. In other words, in this platform, it will be much easier for sales agents to inform clients of the new products that they are offering.

Though it has been coming under fire for quite a time now, and though it has been gaining unwanted notoriety – telemarketing has still been proven to be an excellent choice for business.  It has been a key to success for numerous businesses around the globe – and the industry is expected to grow even more.

In the long run, if what you are looking for is a marketing strategy that will enable you to have more sales and a wider market to preach to – telemarketing will indeed, do wonders for you.  Just study the industry, and it will do wonders for you business.

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