Setting up a Mobile website with goMobi

Online visibility is very essential in the growth of your business. For your online customer base to expand, it is important that you make your website accessible 24/7 to all potential visitors, anytime, anywhere.

You already have a well-built business website, what do you need a mobile site for?

Mobile presence can make a great impact in the expansion of your business. About 10 billion people worldwide use mobile device to access the web.  This means, that for a complete online presence, you will need to have a website accessible to regular laptop or pc users, and a mobile website accessible to mobile users.

What is goMobi?

GoMobi is an online service that allows you to have a website accessible on mobile devices so that visitors can access your business, anytime, anywhere.

Getting started with GoMobi

You have two domain name options for your mobile site: you can either use a GoMobile subdomain, or purchase and use a .mobi domain.

Example: If you have as your website, your subdomain and .mobi site will have the address or, respectively.

You can have the subdomain version for free while purchasing a .mobi domain may cost you around $7 a year.

Configuring the CNAME options

To setup a mobile subdomain with GoMobile, you need to change the CNAME of the domain. You can go to your hosting provider and have them update it for you or you can edit the settings yourself in your CPanel. Following are the CNAME details that you need to add on the CNAME section of your domain.

Host : m
Points to:

Click on the “Save Zone File” button. This will give you a subdomain that looks like this You will have to wait one hour before you can start using your subdomain to build your mobile website.

When setting up the CNAME of your .mobi domain, you will have to use the following details:

Host: www
Points to:

After saving the changes, you will have to then access the “Forwarding” section of your domain and set the “http:” field to forward to This is to ensure that visitors typing in will still be redirected to

Building and Designing your GoMobi website

You can manage your GoMobi account by accessing the goMobi’s “Setup Assistant”. Below are the settings that you need to configure:

Mobile Domain: Use or (whichever you’re using)
Source Domain: (your main business website)
Customer Setup: Enter customer account details – email address, username, and password

After saving the settings, a new section with the “LAUNCH SITE BUILDER” button will appear. If you click the button you will see the Site Builder page where you can edit your mobile site’s look and feel. goMobi has a very friendly user-interface so you will be able to easily build and manage your site.

Your GoMobile website complements your business’ desktop site. Together, they can drive more traffic to your site and thus increase your business’ lead generation potential.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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