Resolutions for Business Success

The New Year presents the perfect opportunity to set some new goals for your business success. Big business or small, resolutions can be important to achieving your goals, but they aren’t much good unless you follow through with them throughout the remainder of the year.

If you’re interested in coming up with a few good resolutions to drive your business’s performance, you might consider reviewing previous year’s successes and failures and the ways in which they affected your business. These areas can be a great way to come up with new ideas for your business resolutions. But if you’re still in need of a few ideas, here are some resolutions that could work for you. Resolutions for Business Success


Learn how to delegate. This is especially important if you run a small business. Often small business owners will find themselves trying to do everything which quite frequently leads to stress and a number of things falling through the cracks.  Proper delegation is essential for life-work balance.  Learn something new.  Whether it’s related directly to your business or completely unrelated knowledge will add a new dimension to your life.

Update and Restructure

Whether it is business equipment, software, budgeting methods, or filing and tracking systems, there could be numerous areas of your business’ operations that are ripe for updating and improving. Consider looking back over the last year or so to determine what worked and what didn’t work in order to help you decide what needs to be changed and how. You might also speak with customers, clients, and employees to also get a feel for the service they are receiving or giving and whether they have any ideas for improvement.

Prepare a Marketing Plan

The various ways in which to market your business are changing rapidly these days, and last year’s plan (if you had one) may already be outdated. From developing a plan to utilize Internet opportunities like email marketing, social media networks, and the likes, to resolving to search for new and unique methods of advertising that might be unique to your geographic location or business sector, there are a variety of ideas you may utilize to prepare a new marketing plan.

New Income Streams

If you’re looking to increase income for the New Year, a great resolution to bolster your business success could be to discover new income streams. Maybe just taking time to find one or two new forms of income, clients, or products to increase revenue could be enough to make a significant difference in your overall business plan and revenue. Include in your plan for new incomes streams the way in which you plan to make the most effective use of these new forms of income and the timeframes involved with their development.


Whatever your resolutions for business success this year, it is important to the usefulness of these resolutions that you keep them realistic and achievable. Setting resolutions that are too lofty or are easily achieved can reduce the impact of such goals and make them unrewarding and ineffective.

Alex is a Houston based Enterprise Project Management consultant, or EPM consultant, that spends his times developing actionable strategies to help enterprise level companies make their internal processes more efficient.


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