Liars, Cheats and Telecoms

Telecoms, not the most interesting subject for a business owner. That is unless you are waiting for the gorgeous new mobile that you simply must have, to be the envy of your peers at the 19th hole in the Golf club. (You would not believe how many directors of companies I have seen behave like children on Christmas morning when I have delivered their shiny new mobile phone).

Other than that telecoms is oh so boring. However nearly everything we do in business today in the form of how we communicate is related to telecoms and how we communicate generally determines how well we do. Do you use a Mobile, Landline, VoIP phone, Broadband, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on. Yet why do we glaze over or run a mile when that friendly telecoms guy or girl is trying to win your business or show you the way to stay ahead of the competition using new technology.

Well here’s my take on it, it’s the fault of Conmen, Liars, Cheats and broken promises!

Strong words I know but for the last 10 years the telecoms industry has attracted a whole host of cowboys, in it to make a fast buck at everyone else’s expense. Guess what a lot of them succeeded too. In 21 years in the industry I have seen them, and the big houses they live in and big cars they drive.

With promises of better phones for less money, cashback, free Plasma TV’s or who know what else, how could a customer go wrong?

By realizing too late that the phone contract is a 24 month deal and not the 12 months they had asked for, or the cashback was too difficult to claim back as the terms of the deal said it must be claimed on the 29th of February between 12 and 1am, or even worse the supplier has gone bump with all the cashback money and has opened in the same office under another name.
It leaves a bad taste for the customer and us good guys too, as we all get tarred with the proverbial brush.

If that’s not enough to have customers hiding under the desk from telecoms people, then surely the first call of the day from the “We can save you money on your telecoms” brigade comes in, which is the first of many that and every day. It’s enough to drive any business owner crazy, after all don’t we have enough to do and then some without the kid that has just left school on the phone in the stick and carrot motivated call centre hungry to hit his days target so he can spend his commission on thing we can no longer remember!

So what s the answer?

One word Loyalty, if we telecoms people treat our customers right by being truthful, doing what we say we will with no dramas, then we should not even need a contract. Why, because why would a customer want to leave? They never would, one call for them and it’s sorted.

Simple really but I think we are a long way off that still.

Gotta go, got some loyalty and trust to continue building!

Guest Post By: Brett Richardson

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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