Importance of a professional logo for your business

Having a logo that stands out and works for your business as imperative for all business not just for an online business. It’s your brand, and your image, and a way others will recognize you and your work.

Getting your logo right will play a major role in your business branding, that’s why you see many graphic designers spend hours and days working on logo designs, and ensuring that when someone sees their logo it sticks with them in their mind. Many of the times you may have seen websites, flyers, adverts with logos that have been done in Paint Shop or in Microsoft Word using word art at home. Do you ask your self the questions?

Does that look professional?

What image does it portray of that business?

Would you buy any good or services from such company?

For sure I wouldn’t, and I’m sure many others would also not even look twice at such branding. Hence having a professional logo plays a major part in your business, and will benefit in the long run. Which is why on my recent trip to India / Dubai, I have hired a specialist logo designer that has a hobby of designing logos, and is passionate about his work, who would just be working on logo designs for my clients. All as part of offering an outstanding quality of work for my customers.

Now when designing a logo or working with a graphics logo designer, it’s a two way communication, you cant just ask a designer to design you a logo for an ABC Company, as the designer will probably go away and come back with something to present to you with, but 9 out 10 times, it probably wasn’t what you expected. In your first meeting or brief, you could provide the designer with as much information about your company, and what you are looking to achieve our of your logo, by doing so, when you receive your first set of concepts, you will be more pleased with the work, as it would have been done according to your expectation, and how your business image needs to be.

Some of the reasons why you need to have a professional design logo

Unstable: By having a logo done by your self, or not done professional can be seen from a mile away, you may seem it looks good and is giving the right image of your business, but are  your customers experiencing the same feeling. If a logo is not done professionally and you start your business marketing, most probably you will stick with that logo for good or for at least couple of years, when you do come to change your logo, your customers will get confused and again give out vibes of business being unstable.


Unprofessional: Setting up a business, you want to get of to the right start by having everything done correctly, and giving out a truly professional image of your b

Good Graphics Designer

usiness. Sometimes we may go to save some money, but infact we are not doing justice to our business. You want your customers to take your business seriously, so why not spend a little extra and get a professional image for your business, which will stay with you for the time line of your business. No one wants to portray a cowboy image of his or her business.

Bad Management: By not having a good logo for your business, it does show bad management of how the business is being run; it portrays the image that the business owners are not concerned about their brand appearance. Again this vibe will be picked

Points to consider for a winning logo

  • Simple – the more simple and clean your logo is the easier it would be for others to recognize and understand your logo.
  • Colors:  Don’t over do the logo with multiple colors, aim to keep it to 3-4 colors maximum.
  • Unique: make your logo unique and different, and not a copy of another logo.
  •  Memorable: Before finalizing on your logo, look at it, and see if it’s memorable. It should be easy to remember.
  • Scalable: Your logo should work in all sizes.

A professional logo is one of the best investments a business owner can make!





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