I’m not good with Computers, I CAN’T run an online business

I recently met one of my old friends at my brother’s wedding, where we studied together, and haven’t really been in touch since then. We discussed what we do, our conversation went something like this:

Friend: Wasim! are you a blogger or a business owner, or what, what do you do.

Me: You can call me a blogger, a business owner, online marketer, all of these fit me, but it’s more of what I enjoy, I love what I do, and enjoy  the time I do this.

Friend: Looks like our IT lessons at school paid off….I wish I had paid more attention.

Me: What you talking about. We sat together, I paid as much attention as you did, you forgot, we just use to take it easy…more like getting in trouble every other day. It does help a bit, but it’s not the main reason for what I am doing today.

Friend: I’d love to do something like this, but I know I can’t.

Me: What do you mean you can’t.

Friend: Don’t have time, My English grammar is not good, and I’m not even very computer literate, all I do is just chill on Facebook in my free time.

Wasim: Bro it’s okay, we all started somewhere, and if your seriously interested in setting up a website or a blog, I can help you, and one thing for sure, you don’t need any computer information or background, just a word document and passion…that’s all…passion to learn and succeed.

Friend: Yes I want to have my own blog about places where to shop. Where to get the best deals. I know the practical side of it, as I work in retail but putting it to reality…something not for me…how do I buy a domain?

Me: Okay listen to me, we will catch up later after this wedding finishes, but keep this in mind, I know  elders like grandmothers and people of our parents age that have a blog website, not just a normal one, a successful one. If they can do it. I’m sure you can. You just need to know how to, and as i said passion to learn and implement what you learn, and you will not go wrong.

If they can do it, so can you

I still need to meet up with my friend to go over the next steps, but one thing for sure, if you want to setup an online business, you do not need to be a computer  or an IT guru. Many online business owners have had limited knowledge about the internet, about the computers, and have setup successful business.

What you need is the eager to know, and to learn, and implement things into your business which work. One can easily get overwhelmed by seeing and reading online reviews and testimonials of users making a full time living from the net, but they have all put in the hours and hard work to get to where they are, and still are working hard, and smart.

Where should I start?

3 simple steps

Study: First of all set aside some time to study and educate yourself about the important things for your business, whether its learning how to check emails, or learning how to do keyword research, all in all set aside for some studying – This will never stop, as there will always be something that you don’t know, and you would want to learn, so that you can implement this into your business. I still do this today, as knowledge is key.

Strengths and Weakness: Find your strengths and weakness, by asking friends and family, or yourself, jotting them down. See what you are good at, and what you are not very good at. This will give you an idea, of what you also need to study and improve (step 1)

Outsource: Depending on what you are setting up, don’t try to do everything yourself – it just will not work, you will end up over working, stressed, and probably losing money too, as you could be managing your time much better, especially if you’re not very good at certain tasks. Hire someone that is a specialist in such task, negotiate a rate, and let the experts do the job.

For a beginner not very good with computers, and the web you can outsource the below tasks:

  • Design and building your website
  • Website changes and management
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Business plan – talk to them about your business, and let them put a plan together which you read and approve.
  • Content for your website – get them to do the work, or you can even dictate to them, which they will just type up for you.
  • Accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales lead generation

….and the list can go on.

There you go, you don’t need to have any knowledge about computers or be an IT guru to setup an online business, find out what you are good at, set some time for self development and learning, and at same time get someone else that you can pass your work to, so that you can build and work on the core sections of your business.

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