How to get the best candidate for your small business.

Have you ever wanted to grow your business and build a team, but the thought of hiring someone or getting someone to work for you given you the Goosebumps. Your not alone, many business owners know that they need to grow their team, but they do not know how to go about it or are to frightened of having someone else do their business tasks, in which case they are control freaks (its normal, don’t worry, I was one too).

You know that you need someone working for you, whether its an assistant, PA, secretary or a skilled worker, when you know that you just can’t get everything done, and could do with a helping hand. When there aren’t enough hours in a day, and your missing dead lines or lacking in communication with your clients, than you know that you need a helping hand, by delegating your tasks.

Easiest way to hire someone for a small business

As a small business owner, hiring an employee may not be a cost effective solution, you may not even have an office as your working from home. So the best option would be to outsource.  Outsourcing your tasks or projects may work out in your favour, as you do not need to hire an in house employee, which means

  • No office rent
  • No desk space
  • No equipment cost (PC, printer, scanner…etc)
  • No Taxes or Insurance

Hiring a freelancer does seem very tempting, but finding the perfect person does require a bit of skill and procedure to follow.

First things first you need to get yourself register on one of the below sites, from where you can register your interests to find the perfect candidate for your job.

Once you have created an account you are ready to post your first job.

Art of posting for a job

When posting out your job, project, task requirements on these outsourcing platform, the best way to do it, is to mention as much as possible in detail about what needs to be done.


  • The task description.
  • What is involved and what you expect for the candidate to do.
  • What type of candidates you are looking for.
  • What times you are expecting them to work?
  • Project or job Start date, and hours expected to work
  • Mention that you want to see their portfolio.
  • Mention you want someone that you can talk to via chat (GTalk or Skype)
  • You can even mention briefly what type of Candidate you are not looking for.

Hopefully within couple of days you will have a few candidates that have applied for your post.

Now you need to sieve through them and start the interview process.

Interviewing your freelancer

This is the trickiest part of getting to know someone whom you are going to work with, as ideally its going to be long term, you are going to give them access to certain areas of your business which you wouldn’t generally give access to any other user. So you need to ensure that you do get the best person for your business.

Some tips before you contact a few for an interview:

Do your homework: Know exactly what you are looking for, and what you want your freelancer to do, whether its to develop a website, manage your accounts, or respond to your emails, make sure that you know your job inside out so that you can relay it perfect to the freelancer.

Know at least the basics: Know at least a bit about the tasks, so that you can ask relevant questions, and also on the other hand the freelancer will know, that you know your stuff, so they will not try to lead you astray, instead you will get honest answers.

Study their portfolio: I prefer to work with people that generally show me their portfolio. If they do not have a portfolio, I prefer to ignore. Look at their work, see if this is something you like, or can work with, as generally they would display their best work on their portfolio.

Background info: Spend couple of minutes finding out about their background, whether its on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites, on just the web. See what they are up to, and if this is someone that you would like to do business with.

Once you have chosen a few to interview, always arrange a Voice or a Video interview. The reason for this is, so that you can speak to them directly, and also get the feel of how much they know about their tasks, and also as most of the applicants may be abroad such as in Philippines or India, by having a voice chat, you can get the feel of how well you can communicate with this person.

Points to mention in the interview.

One of the things I find while doing an interview on the phone or via video call, that you can easily get side tracked, as the person you are not interviewing directly in front of you, your concentration can easily drift away. So first things first is to cut off and stop everything, no phones, no social media, and no emails. This way you are giving your 100% to this person, at the end of the day you are investing into your business, and you want the best for it.

Once you start the interview, as a remote employer try to establish and discuss:

  • That they understand the tasks FULLY.
  • How frequently you can talk to them, or have them available for updates and general chats.
  • How will you communicate with them.
  • How they manage their time.
  • Have they got the equipment and facilities to carry out the tasks.
  • Payments and contracts.

Hiring someone can be quite a task, and if you are not careful, you can hire someone that is not capable of carrying the task the way you want it to be done, which can cause delays on your project, upset clients, and also loss of business.

What points do you look for when hiring someone, share with me in the comments below.







Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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