How does design effect your online business?

As part of running your online business, one of the points to keep in mind is the design and overall image of how your online business is portrayed online. In your online business, you will come across tasks that will require design creativity. Every designed element on your site plays a part in the success of your online business. As this is what your potential customer will see and experience.

Put yourself in your visitors shoes would you trust and buy from a site that does not look well designed and well presented. Below are the elements of your pages that you need to take extra care and ensure that there is no flaws in the design, and most importantly it works well for your visitors.

Logo Design:

A well designed logo will help in building your brand identity online, as this is what your visitors will generally recognise your business with and also notice your logo offline on, business cards, printed materials and invoices. Having a logo that stands out and simple always work in your favour.
Read more on Importance of a professional logo for your business, and view the video below:


Whether your banners are flash animated or using java script or even static, this is generally what the visitor first sees on your site. Playing around and testing various banners can help you  in making a decision which one works best for your business. As the banners are generally above the fold, it’s a great place to have your call to actions. Within the banner design aim to include a call of action, so that the user can click on the banner, or take action on something on your site such as “downloading an eBook” or “filling out a contact form”.
Some points to keep in mind when designing a good banner:

  • Size – the size of the banner should be one that does not over power your full web page, but also a good size so that its easily recognisable and looks attractive.
  • Chose the colours of the banner that stands out and matches your business.
  • Do not overdo the banner with too much information, keep it simple as possible.
  • Always use call of action within the banner design.
  • Keep the purpose of the banner in mind at all times.
  • Images  – use images that relate to your brands products or services, ideally you want to use real images within the business, rather than stock images.


The fonts of your website comes under the design of your online business. We all like creative and funky fonts all the time, which all look great to the eye, but do they really convert and give out the full message. The fonts of your website should be easily read, and most importantly open up in all browsers with consistency. The general text fonts of your site I would aim to keep to the standard fonts which are browser compatible. But the fonts used within the graphics such as the banners, you can be creative with it, as long it does not distract the visitors from the whole object of your website.


The navigation of your site gets used the most as your visitors browse from pages to pages. Having this designed in a way that its easy and user friendly for your visitors. At times you come across websites, and the navigation is so poorly designed that you can’t even notice it.
Some Tips:

  • The navigation should be clearly positioned
  • Attractive and easy to recognise
  • Have your most important sections of your website included in the navigation
  • Test various navigations to see which works for your audience

Overall having a good navigation will help reduce the bounce rate of your website, and keep your visitors engaged on your website longer.
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Page Background

Keep it White, nice and simple.  🙂
Okay for corporate and many business websites having a white background does give that clear and crisp look compared to other colour backgrounds. Overall it depends on what type of website you have and what image and message you are trying to give out. You want to keep your background suttle and not too loud that it over powers the rest of your web page. Ideally using light shades, or if you are using patterns, use  them faint such as water marks.
The other way you can use the background of your website, is to use it in replacement of your main banner, by displaying a large image in the background, and positioning the text and title on the image. In this scenario you generally do not have a banner on your site, as the background plays that part.


Website Background Design

If you are planning to have dark background some tips:

  • Use colourful and attractive images that really pull the visitors attention to certain parts of the page.
  • Use colours that work well with the dark background, such as Black background and white text and content.
  • Use a single bold colour, used consistently throughout the page.
  • Aim to blend some of the forefront colours into the background.

Footer Navigation

Generally when a user scrolls to the bottom of the web page, the page gets closed. You can keep the visitor on your site longer, by using an attractively designed footer, which the user can engage with. Ideally once the user gets to the bottom of your page, you want them to do something, there should be a call of action, whether its to share the page or to make a commitment in purchasing your products or services, or even just subscribing to your newsletter.
Points to keep in mind in putting together an attractive footer

  • Use colours and graphical designs to match the rest of your website.
  • Include content to other important pages to your website or associated websites.
  • A quick form for user to fill out.
  • Include social media profile icons.
  • Include logos of associated companies and governing bodies that your business is associated with.
  • Do not over crowd the footer, again keep it simple.
  • Include call of actions such as:
    • Subscribe to newsletters
    • Download eBook
    • Fill out your contact form
    • Join your social networking profiles


So in your online business, the visitors do pay a close attention to the way your website looks and feels, especially if you are offering a service or selling a product, having a well constructed and designed website will have an impact in your conversions and overall the bottom line of your business, compared to a page that’s poorly designed and does not convert its visitors.

The best way to see how the design is impacting your business, is to carry out various test and monitor visitors behaviour using the Google Analytics report, which will give you an understanding on what elements are working and what needs more attention.

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