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When you walk into an electronic store what are the chances that you are being watched by a sales person. They are watching every move and what you are browsing, and before you know it, they come over to you and start to have a conversation. No hard selling, just a general chat such as:

– “How you doing…”

– “What is it that you’re looking for…”

– “That’s a nice colour of the laptop – right?.”

– “Do you want to try a demo of this phone…”

What they are doing here is not hard selling, but getting you to fall in love with the product. Showing of the best features of the product, and more importantly giving you  a feel of how you can use such  products. After playing around with the a new device for about 5-10 minutes, you’re trapped, either you have like the product and you can resist in buying it, or now you feel a bit awkward in saying no. Whatever the case the chances are you’re going to be spending some money or fight you emotions and walk out of the store.

Build a bond – go the extra mile.

When a customer comes into your business whether its online or offline, there’s a reason that they are there, you don’t just walk into a business, you’re probably looking for something or need some assistance. Now as a business owner if you can build a connection with that customer and make them feel welcome, but most importantly help them learn and achieve their goals in what they are looking for, you start to build a reputation. You may not convert that sale straight away, but you have planted the seed in that visitors mind, that ABC Company know what they are doing, and are extremely helpful. Which they will share with their network and in the future when they do need something that you offer, your company name would come into mind first, as you have helped them in the past. This all goes down to going that extra mile for your customers.

How to build a bond with your visitors?

Advice: Customers / visitors will feel close to your organisation if you are offering genuine and good advice. When a business gives advice on their products or services which are in the favour of the customer, the customer feels that they are not trying to sell to me, but are interested in helping me out and make the right decision. This will make your visitors and customers feel more comfortable.

Listen: Customers want you to listen to them, and once you have heard what they want you can put together the perfect solutions based on their needs. As a business its imperative to listen to your customers, if you do not they will find a company that does listen to them. By doing so your organisation will also be able to identify your customers needs, understand how they behave, and act on the feedback that has been given to them.

Updated: If you have captured any information such as address, emails…etc with the consent of your customer keep them updated with what your organisation is up to. Now the key hear is consistency and frequency. How often you send them information and is it just one off or does it happen regular. My local printing company does this very well, every three months I get a small 6 pages booklet which generally includes:

  • Information and progress about the company
  • Couple of Information / article related to SMEs
  • Any offers that they are running
  • Some humour – Jokes and Quotes

The content of the above booklet is something that relates to my business so I would be more than happy to go through it, and the beauty about it, they do not spam me with information everyday week, or month. Its every quarter.

If your business can find out what your customers like related to your business and industry, based on this information, you can keep in touch with your customers on a regular biases. Whenever they need any services or products that you also offer most probably they will come to you first, as you have built that relationship with your customers.

Encourage / Interact: Building a good relationship with your customers is a two way stream. Encourage and interact with your visitors by carrying our surveys, responding to emails, and connecting to them on Socail Networking sites.  Imagine if your favourite clothes store started to follow you on twitter, and respond to your comments. You would feel special, and more importantly start to recommend them and share this experience with your network. From a business point of view, they are getting more exposure.


Generally people buy of people, if you can position your company to be approachable, friendly and helpful, regardless of what your fees are, users would prefer to hire you or purchase products of you over your competitors, as they know your brand personally and have that extra assurance that they can contact you and reach you easily.

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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