Green Business Resolutions

The start of a new year can be a perfect time to resolve yourself and your business to making some changes; and these changes may come in the form of a greener, more eco-friendly operation. If you’re looking for ideas for green business resolutions, here are a few thoughts to consider that might make your employees and business more effective in helping and protecting the environment.

Energy Efficiency

It doesn’t take much to put your business on the path to energy efficiency, and with a New Year’s resolution to bolster you and your employees’ resolve, you could be on your way to a greener business. Everything from turning your lights and computers off when you leave the office, to adjusting the thermostat at night and putting in compact fluorescent light bulbs could get your business off on the right foot for your green New Year’s resolutions.

Recycling Program Green Business ResolutionsIf you’re looking for a resolution that can make a huge difference in your business’s ability to go green, resolving to start a recycling program can be a wonderfully green business resolution for the New Year. Paper, ink cartridges, aluminum cans, plastic bottles — it’s all fair game when it comes to recycling in the business place. Placing bins in strategic locations such as offices, break rooms, beside copiers, in bathrooms, and similar locations can make it easier for you and your employees to commit to and stick to this resolution.

Trimming Paper Waste

Instead of memos and more traditional written methods, encourage communication among employees by email and online tools. Then only print emails and documents which are absolutely necessary to have on paper.  Monitor fax-related waste you can save a great deal of paper by reducing the use of a fax machine.  Fax-modem and online fax software can provide all needed functionality. You can further help reduce waste by sending a cover sheet only when necessary and printing only the faxes you need; reading and storing faxes on your computer or on a server will make a tremendous difference

Transportation Program/Incentives

Depending upon the size and scope of your business or organization, it might be a worthwhile resolution to institute a public transportation or ride sharing program or offer incentives for ride sharing or car pooling. Such activities can push employees toward reducing vehicle emissions and other environmentally harmful effects of vehicle travel. This may also help employees save money and could even build bonds between them as they share rides to and from work.


There are a variety of ideas and ways to go green when it comes to your business. Many of the green resolutions you might make for the New Year could be specific to your particular business or market niche. Therefore, consider pushing employees and team members to continue looking for new green ideas and don’t just stop with the resolutions you make for the New Year. You might be surprised by the great ideas they come up with, which could help the environment and might help your business realize significant cost savings as well.

Vincent has spent the last 10 years implementing employee recognition programs for Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S. He currently lives in Houston and writes regularly about motivating employees on his Motivation Stream


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