Be Practical – Invest your time & Efforts in the correct things

Just the other day I was speaking to a person who was complaining about their service provider. In short they decided to take up a new service with this service provider, being a business they had to be put the service onto a business plan – fair enough.

Someone than told this individual that if they had a residential package with this service provider, they would be entitled for a free Norton MacAfee licence for their computer, and as they are now business they have to pay for this service. To be honest which is not much it was £60 a year, paid per month at £5.00 per month.

This person spent 3 full working days calling into this service provider, writing letters to them, arguing with them, that they should be entitled for a free security program, just because they were not informed at the point of sale that their package would not include a security licence. To such an extent that they have got their solicitors involved. All in cause of a £60 security licence. – Where is the logic?

Running a business takes up allot of time, especially in the early days where you are trying to build up your business (the stage this individual was), stopping all of your work, just to acquire a credit or a product worth £60, what’s the logic in that? If you had spent that time and effort trying to acquire new sales, new leads and generate new avenue for YOUR business, with the same level of passion you had in complaining, I’m positive you could have easily earned double and if not more.

Your time is a valuable resource. – Bill gates

When trying to master something (mastering your business) with anything in life time is money, you have to spend and invest your time wisely. This is one unit that will not given to you again no matter how hard you try and how much you spend on acquiring it back, what’s gone is gone.

When your read profiles and biographies of all major companies locally and internationally, one thing is blatantly noticeable is that the inventor or business start-up used his or her time wisely. They took every second into account, every spare time they had, every opportunity and window possible to put towards their goal that they are mastering.

Two books I would recommend to read which you can see how these start-up spent their early days and how they have changed the world with their inventions and business ideas, to become a house hold name.

How They Started: How 30 good ideas became great businesses

How They Started: Global Brands: How 21 good ideas became great global businesses


Time management

This is one of the most important skills that you can learn and achieve, and it’s not difficult at all, I usually get asked “how come you do so much in your day” – the simple answer is manage your time.  Make use of every second and minute that you have, as stated, it does not come back, and than prioritise your tasks, and your duties.

You may have a lot to do in a day, or have a lot on your plate, but it’s no excuse for shying away from it. Take a step back, and work through each task or duty. One of the ways I find extremely useful is by having a notepad on which i jot down the tasks that are critical for me to complete that day or that week.

Be careful how you spend your time: Spend your time in nothing which you know must be repented of . Richard Baxter

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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