Are Rules Set in Stone?

We sometimes feel that we have to carry out our task as they have been mentioned in the instructions, or as advised online, or described by an expert. Which we should  be, as at times we need a bit of guidance and direction in helping us achieve what we want to achieve, hence we seek guidance, and advice from experts.

Just like in business you may have a business advisor, consultant, angel, guru, or whatever you call them, such people are there for you to share your ideas with and there to help you and guide you, as most of the time generally they tend to have more experience in such fields than you may do, and also they probably have the right contacts to help you achieve your goals quicker. At times we will get instructions from them or ask them questions with help in certain areas, to which they may respond in an email, letter, meeting or even on their blog.

Now do you need to follow each advise or instruction set out by them word to word?…. No not exactly, its entirely your choice. Some may feel comfortable in following instructions, and others may prefer to interprertate them into their own words. Whatever the case be, the end result should still be the same. The reason we follow instructions is because we are seeking something, we need advice or we need help in a certain matter. For example I follow many blogs, and some of them mention various techniques  and tasks that one can carry out to achieve a certain thing, e.g.  "How to Build an Email Marketing List", now after reading that article instruction, I have an idea in my mind on what the goal is and what are the main tasks involved in aching this. I do not need to follow each step as mentioned word by word, if I feel I can do it another way, and still achieve the same goal…why not, there is no harm in trying your own way, as long as it proves results.

5 Advantages of following Instructions

  1. It makes your life easier, if things go wrong, you can easily go back to the instructions.
  2. It's simple to follow and most probably you will complete the task without any problems, and also much quicker.
  3. Do not need to re invent the wheel, the hard work has been done for you, you just need to execute it now.
  4. Keep track of your progress, you may want to do some of the tasks today and some another day, having a set manual can make things more organised for you.
  5. It may actually save you from a disaster.

When following instructions, there is no harm experimenting or carrying out tasks in your own style, but one thing for sure, there is no point re inventing the wheel. Also there is no need to be stubborn or stuck up about not following instructions, as many of the times I meet others that will generally not follow instructions or take advise from anyone due to their pride, if we look at set of instructions as a helping guide, which is set there to help us succeed, just like when we wanted to pass our driving test, we followed every instruction the driving instructor gave, as we knew that the quicker we learn, the quicker we can pass and start to drive alone.
Do you follow instructions as they are, or do you prefer to do things your own way through trail and error? Share your thoughts with me below.

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