Are business cards out of fashion?

Being in the print and design business, I usually get asked about printing business cards quite often, and then shortly after I get asked the question “are business cards out of date?” or “do people still use business cards?”…So why is there a doubt after placing an order that they want business cards.

I could think of the following points, which may have come up in customers mind:

  1. They are not going to use the business cards
  2. They are just following a trend and think it’s a necessity as part of the business
  3. Don’t know why they need it
  4. They have something else in replacement

What ever the doubt may be, business cards are still important and work perfectly fine, the traditional style of the business card may now be out dated but the concept is still there and being used by millions around the world.

Going to look at it, business cards are basically a peace of card or an item that has your contact details, and information about your company. Something small enough to fit into wallets and pursues and easy to carry around.

Now the traditional peace of card with your name and number might be boring for some, there’s nothing stopping you form experimenting, and trying different shapes, sizes, and even not using a card, and trying a different material such as wood, metal, plastic. They all work, all you want is something that has your contact details on.

A Card to remember.

When printing business cards you need to look into why I am I printing these cards, whom will I give it to, and will it work. I believe when you give your business cards, whether it’s an event or on the train, it needs to stick out from the rest of the cards that the person has. You want them to keep your card, and remember it. Spending abit extra to achieve this is defiantly worth it.

When designing and printing your business card consider these:

–          Customize: The card needs to be unique and associated to you, it’s your card and not someone else's, it should reflect your personality, business, and have a wow factor. By customizing your card it will be memorable to the people you give it out to.

–          Quality: Avoid printing flimsily cards, they don’t do anything, and don’t give a correct impression of your business and personality. This is one of the first things people notice when you hand out your card, they can feel the texture and the quality of the card, before even reading what’s on it.

–          Shape: the shape of your card should also be unique along with the correct size, the standard business cards are normally 85mm x 55mm, but this doesn't mean your card has to be of this size. You can always try to use diffrent shapes in your business card to fit into your industry, for example if you're in the mobile phones industry, your business card could be in a shape of a mobile phone, and even try die cut business cards or, folded cards to fit the purpose that your be using the card for.

–          Colors: when choosing the colors of your business card, you want to choose colors that will represent your brand and organization, and also something that will match your business stationery along with your website. Use colors that will really make your services stand out.

–          Content of your card: The main purpose of your business cards is to give out your contact information.  The information you give on your business card will be the reason why people would keep your card or trash it. Some business are under the impression that they need to include every little information on the business card, which then over clutters the card. The information you add on your card will also depends on the use of the card, at times a web address will be sufficient, and at times you need to add more information, as a website address by itself can be confusing. Overall look at the purpose of the card, generally having basic contact information (name, telephone number, email, website, and address) on your card is a good start. You may also want to add your social networking names (Facebook & Twitter).

When to use your business cards

Many of the times we print business card and don't make much use of them, and 50% of them end up staying in our offices or under our desks. How can we ensure that we make full use of our business cards and hand them out to as many as possible.
Once you have your business cards, don't leave your home without your cards, its best to keep a some cards in your wallet, in your car, at work, in your bag and briefcase, so they are easily accessible.

Some ways to make full use of your business cards besides handing them out to everyone you see:

–          Put your business cards on bulletin boards at libraries, restaurants, local stores,  and libraries.

–          Include your business card with all the correspondence you send out, not just to your clients, but also the general bills you pay, slip your business card into the envelope as well.

–          If someone wants your personal number, write it down on your business card and give it to them.

–          Public restroom, yes it works, leave some on the counter, you will be surprised how many people will pick them up

–          Leave them at the restaurant that you've just had a meal at.

Mistakes to avoid with your business cards

–          Don't ever leave your business cards at home, you never know when you may need to hand them out.

–          Have a card that stands out from the rest, do whatever it takes to make your card noticeable.

–          Spend a bit more for a better quality, don't try to cut corners and print business card which will not do justice to you and your business image.

–          Don't use fonts that are difficult to read, the size of the font and the style should be readable easily.

–          Don't over do your card, by cluttering your card with too much information.

The bottom line, business cards are still used, and should be used cleverly to promote your business and brand, and give your contact details, and should not be missed or overlooked by any business.


Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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