5 Simple Selling Tips

In our business we are all selling some sort of a service or goods to our customers, and to be honest there is no secret in selling, everyone can sell, its just that we need to understand what we are selling and to whom we are selling to and just get comfortable. So the phrase “I’m not a salesperson”, or “I can’t sell” – no such thing, its just that you do not want to sell or do not want to understand what you are offering. Below are five simple selling tips which I have found beneficial over the years.

Know your stuff

know your portfolio of products at the tip of your fingers, you would be surprised how many salesmen only know a few of the core products and forget about the smaller and other products. Similarly in business, you can’t expect to sell something, if you, yourself don’t even know everything about the product or service.

Whatever you are selling ensure that you have full details about it, from product descriptions, to shipping details, you don’t even have to lean it by heart, but it should be easily accessible to you. Learn as much as you can about the whole process.

Understand your customers

Generally people don’t like to be sold to, and you don’t want to come across that way, and seem to be a hard seller. You have to do some homework and understand your customers requirements, the way your customers generally react to things, and establish what they want. Once you know exactly what your customers want, you can offer them a solution, which they will generally buy into, as they can see the benefit of it.

Always look for a solution for your customer, you may have to think like your customer to do so, put yourself in their shoes.


Sometimes people buy due to emotions, you can trigger of certain emotions with your customers by building a rapport, and talking in their language. This also boils down to some listening skills to pick up what kind of words the customer is using, so that you can speak the same language (not literally the same, but the same dilex). By doing so the customer will feel that you know what they want and will be more reclined to you, and again you can use such words on your websites and marketing materials, which connect with your audience.

Value for money

Everyone wants value for money, and I’m sure that you have not set out there to rip of people. Everyone has a right to put a value onto their services and products. What you need to do is make your potential customers understand the value of your service, what they are going to get from you, the exact reason why you are more expensive than maybe your competitors or even the other way round. You could be offering additional support, you may not be producing your products offshore hence the quality of your products, whatever the case maybe, you need to make your customers feel and see that they are getting value for money.


The main point about selling is being passionate about what you have to offer, you have to get excited about it, if you you are not passionate and excited about what you are selling, it will come across in your tone, in your literature, and the whole presentation, whether you are selling online or offline, be passionate about what you are selling.

Image by Ken Teegardin (flickr)

Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at wasimismail.com, specialising in online business.

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