How to Move Your Blog from Blogger to Wordpress

So you have finally decided to get your own domain and you chose a WordPress format. The problem: you do not want to leave your previous entries at your old blog. The good news: you can move everything from your previous blog into your new website without losing anything, comments included. The solution:

1. Install WordPress into Your Hosting Account

Go to the “Simplescripts Installation” or “Software/Services” in your hosting service’s control panel. WordPress will guide you during the installation.

2. Go to your WP Admin

Your WordPress admin will have a similar URL like this: Once you have logged in, click the tools button and select “Import posts.” You will be redirected to a new page where you choose whether you want to import blogroll, categories and tags, or Blogger. Select Blogger among your choices.

You will be asked to install an importer for blogger. Install the importer and activate the plug-in. Allow WordPress to access your account so you can begin the transfer.

3. Check if all the contents have been transferred

Check if your new domain has the same number of content or posts from your previous blog. You can go so by going to your dashboard and reviewing the posts statistics. This way, you can verify that all your entries have been successfully transferred. You should also compare the number of comments to make sure that everything has been moved successfully. Do not worry if your new site has one more page than your previous—the extra entry is a welcome page that is automatically generated by WP to acquaint new users with its services. You can just delete it.

4. Select a theme for your new site

blogNow that the content is already there, it is time for you to customize the way your new website looks. Just click the “Appearance” tab and browse through the available themes. There are basic themes which you can use for free while there are other themes that require payment before you can use them. Click on “Install Theme” after you have selected the theme that you like. You can change the color and font of your theme if you want to. You may also install plug-ins to optimize your site’s efficiency or improve your admin functions. If you are not content with the available themes, you can browse the website for more free and paid choices.

5. Change permalinks in order to avoid broken links

You need to change your posts’ permalinks in order to keep visitors from running into dead links. Go back to your dashboard, click on “settings,” and select permalinks. Look for “custom structure” and paste this: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html. Why should you do this? Blogger arranges posts according to year, month, and then the post name. By copying this code, you make the new site’s format identical to the old one. After this step, you can already proceed with tweaking your domain settings, such as the number of entries you want to appear for each page. Do not forget to configure your RSS feeds, too.

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