How to Benefit From Integrating Sobipro to Joomla

One of the beauty and strength of Joomla application is its permissibly: Possibility of integration of external tools and services seamlessly. Unlike other applications that give headaches continually for months, done properly, Joomla will run smoothly and powerfully than it was before the integration of the third party application. One of them is SobiPro and its benefits and importance when incorporated into a Joomla application.

Introduction to SobiPro- Multi-Directory for Joomla

Just as the name implies, it is an application that could be used within Joomla itself to create multiple directories that will work as individual, yet part of the body of the Joomla itself. SobiPro is so flexible and adaptable so much that it could be used to create anything. For example:

(a.) SECTIONS – MULTIPLE CONTENT:  Create multiple directories and content types, with each section available to specific readers, subscribers or the general public. Yet each section can have its unique categories, content and documentation downloads.

(b.) ACCESSIBILITY: You can create within the SobiPro different types of accessibility to the content. For example a message board could be created where people can freely go to paste their messages on any number of topics, yet certain sections of the same board can be restricted to a particular set of readers. In other words the rules are dictated by the administration in regard to denial and accessibility. Yet this does not conflict with the Joomla ACL, rather it complements it.

(c.) FLEXIBILITY OF TEMPLATE: SobiPro template is so flexible that it could be completely customized to have different outlook entirely. The header, the footer and anything could be changed without tampering with its functionality.

(d.) ENDLESS APPLICATIONS: An application could be illustrated with add-ons in Firefox browser. In SobiPro, it enhances its functionality more. Rightly called Sobi2-plugin in the soni2 version, it was later renamed ‘application” to avoid confusion with Joomla  plugins. Just as applications in Facebook that are appearing daily, SobiPro has arrays of applications already developed. As of writing there are seven main applications and at least 11 ones that fall under those 7. These 11 are mainly for easy customization. All these are free.  Let’s briefly list the free applications for customization.

Free Applications for Customization

Here are the lists of applications used for customization of fields in SobiPro: Input Box, Text Area, image, Single Select List, Radio Buttons, Check Box Groups, Multiple select List, URL, Email, Bank Transfer and Paypal.

As you might guess, these are used to create forms. For example if you want to add a box where the details of the reader will be entered, simply use the “Input Box”. If you want a payment gateway to be added or bank transfer, simply insert the Paypal or bank transfer application and the job is done.


You might wonder, why bother when my Joomla site is already functioning well? Here are some insights into what SobiPro can do for your site.

matchThe two major components of what makes a site worthwhile to search engines are content and back links. The search engines have insatiable appetites for the two and are the main criteria that determine whether your site is in No. 1 or 1,000. Imagine then having the two by simply installing SobiPro? If you create a message board on your site for example, what do you think will happen with proper promotion? People will voluntarily create contents through their messaging. How about directory for a niche? Horrid of sites will covet yours. Before you know what’s happening they will be recommending your site to others. What happens is that sites will love linking back to you as you give them free content creation and linkback avenues.


SobiPro or Sobi2?

There are two versions – SobiPro, the first version, and the Soni2 which is the latest version. My advice is this, start with the earlier version. This is because the Sobi2 is in beta test with some issues, whereas Sobipro works seamlessly with any version of Joomla.


SobiPro is available for free at: The free version is alright and accomplishes a lot more than you can ever need. But there comes a time when you will need more function that is why the upgrade version is available at an affordable price. You should bear in mind that this sophisticated tool was not created free, so the developers need funds to survive.  With the upgraded version however, you have the Bronze, Silver or Gold level to choose from.  But you get what you pay for, added to the free version are 13 extra functions in the upgrade version. With this simple installation you can empower your Joomla in ways that will make search engines fall in love with your site.  Go ahead and try Sobipro with Joomla and see the result.

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Article By: Wasim Ismail

Wasim’s a project manager at Alrayes Web Solutions along with an online SEO consultant & blogger for business at, specialising in online business.

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