What is Joomla!?

Are you starting your own website, but are having trouble doing so? Do you want to start your own web page, but wouldn’t want to spend a lot money on web hosting and web solution providers?  Is your website becoming hard for you to maintain? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, because there is one program that can solve all your website worries. If you require assitance in maintaining your website, then this would be the best program for you! Here is Joomla!, the leading open source Content Management System (CMS) platform.

The CMS platform, or the Content Management System is a software specifically designed to keep track of and update the content that can be found on your website. These content can range from photos, information, video, and other files. The most convenient part about using a CMS is that it does not require any technical knowledge or skill to be able to use it, since the software itself will be the one to handle all the major operations and updates of your site.

But of course, you maybe wondering, what is Joomla!? It is actually a software that allows you to create and update web pages easily. It can aid you in adding content to your database, as well as providing a layout for your website, and puts it all together to create your website.

Joomla! is used to operate different web sites, whether big or small. It can be used for corporate Web sites or portals, online magazines, newspapers, and publications and e-commerce and online reservations. It can also be used for government applications, small business web sites, non-profit and organizational web sites, community-based portals and personal or family homepages. Some examples of sites that use Joomla! are MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking), Citibank (Financial institution intranet) and Harvard University (Educational).

If you are still not convinced of the ease and convenience of Joomla!,  you can even try out the program for yourself! They have an online demo for those who are interested of their program at demo.joomla.org. The demo site’s content refreshes after every 30 minutes as a security precaution of the other site users and to ensure site stability. If you would want to test drive the demo site, you would need to create and activate an acount. This would give you access to the demos on the site, so that you can have a better understanding of the program and how it operates.

So if you are planning to start up your own website, or having difficulty maintaining your own webpage, then Joomla! would be the best program for you. With its easy access and convenience, you can surely kiss all of your website worries goodbye!

Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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