The Wonders of Wordpress

Given the many changes that have been brought about by the World Wide Web, more and more people have come to learn how to create a website.

Gone are the days where in you would need a specialist to be able to come up with a decent website. Now, even simple old you can design an aesthetic and very functional website that will serve whatever purpose or objective you may have.

Thanks to Wordpress you can build a website even if you have no knowledge of HTML or those complicated internet principles.

Wordpress is a content management system that can be used to design a simple blog page or it can even be used to help you with your e-commerce business.

SEO Friendly

Another great thing about Wordpress is that it is SEO friendly.  Ever get tired about going to great lengths just to ensure that your site is SEO friendly? Well when you use Wordpress you would not need to worry about that because when you use Wordpress it instantly creates a URL.

The magic of Wordpress when it comes to being SEO friendly is that it gives you the power to create permalinks or URLs that will consist of your keywords that are essential for search engines.

By having these keywords in your URL or permalink, they will allow your posts/pages/website to have a high ranking when it is searched on any search engine.

Make your own tags

With Wordpress you can create tags which can also make your article/post SEO friendlier. You can indicate what the tags or keywords are for your post, this in turn will guide the search engine web spiders so that people who are researching about your topic will be able to find your page easier.

Cross Link

With Wordpress you will also be able to Cross Link. Cross linking is when you highlight a text or group of words and insert a hyperlink so that when visitors click this link they will be directed to another post or site. Cross Linking can also be done with images.

Create Categories

Wordpress also lets you create Categories which aside from helping with your SEO content can also help you organize your website. With an organized website, visitors will be able to navigate through your posts easier. Aside from the earlier mentioned benefits, having categories in your website can also help with indexing your site on different search engines.

The wonders of WordPress have truly changed the playing field and now its time for you to step up on the plate.



Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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