How to Find the Right Joomla Extension That Fits Your Needs

There are more than seven thousand third-party made extensions that can be found on Though, some of these extensions can be considered as “duplicates”. For example, if you search the system for some kind of extension, the search function will return you different codes you can potentially use. You will then realize that there is a problem on how to pick the right extension for you. This article will help you find the right extensions that will suite your needs.Choose Good Joomla ExtensionThe best way to start is by narrowing the search results with the use of the advance search function. There are several advance search options, and we will review the most important ones.

Category: It is mighty helpful if you know the category of the extension you are looking for. You can easily set the filter of a certain category by clicking it, and selecting the appropriate category from the list of drop box choices. If you are unsure of the category of the extension you are looking for, then leave this setting to “All Categories”.

Extension name: This is another filter that is very helpful in finding the right extension for you, but it is only helpful when you know exactly the extension you are looking for. However, if you don’t know the specific extension, then leave the field blank.

Description: You can put in a few important keywords here, especially if you do not know what the appropriate category for the extension you are searching for.

License: Leave this field blank for the most part, unless you have a good idea on what you are looking for.

Type: You can leave this blank. You can also choose commercial or non-commercial. Non-commercial are free, but most of the time the support is terrible or even non-existent. Commercial will cost you money, but they have usually good support.

Compatibility: This is one of the most important filters that most people tend to neglect. Be sure that you know the version of your Joomla, and set the filter appropriately to avoid problems down the road.

Do your extension search, and be ready to review each of the extension. Start by reading the description of the extensions. You can gain a lot of information by doing this, and you can typically judge if the extension is the right one for you. The stars underneath the extension will also tell you a lot on how the extension performs. The more stars, the better. Reading the reviews will also help you tremendously.

However, if you see an extension with zero reviews, do not assume that is poor. It may mean that it is a brand new product, and no reviewers have cared to share their reviews. You can use these extensions at your own risk. However, you can research the history of the developer if they have been producing great extensions.

If you find a find a product that seems to fit your needs, but it is only commercially available, then you might want to visit the producer’s website to see if there are lite or trial versions.

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