How to Use Magneto

Have you thought of bringing your business to the world wide web? Are you planning on creating your own website where your loyal customers can be able to avail of your merchandise and/or services? But how can you do so without recquiring the services of a websolutions company? How can you be able to create your own website even without the technical know-how of html codes and the like? Well you wouldn’t have to look any further than Magneto: your solution to be able to start up your own web-based business.
Magneto is an open source eCommerce solution that enables you with different tools that you would need to create your own online business. It can provide a number of built-in capailities like promo pricing, coupon codes, detailed statistics and SEO options. As for style and layout, there are also a number of free Magento themes that you can choose from.

To get yourself started with Magneto, you would need to install the program first. To download the program, you can click on this link : Afterwards, you would need to install the program. There are two ways to do so: one is using the special Site Software tool from cPanel. ( cPanel -> Site Software). If your web host doesn’t have this kind of installation, you can use Siteground exclusive Magento hosting or Magento manual installation.

Now after the installation process is completed, you can now be able to use Magneto to create your new site for business. First of all, you would need to be able to move through the Magneto Admin Area. Afterwards you can go into System Configuration (System -> Configuration). This is where you can change the script options according to your personal needs. You can then go to the Magneto Catalog category. This is where you can manage the site’s attributes, rewrite URLs for the products, edit tags and manage reviews and ratings. From the Promotions section, you can be able to manage these promotions, set rules for them and indicate for which customer groups are they valid. You can also generate multiple comprehensive statistics and reports in Magneto. (Magento admin area -> Reports)

If you want to create your own website for your online business, then Magneto would be the program for you. With its simple and easy-to-navigate interface, you can surely pave the way to your success with just one click.


Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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