Google India To Focus On SMB Business In 2011

The internet user base in India now touches 100 million. India is the third-largest internet user base globally. Google thinks this to be a lucrative opportunity and plans to monetize it.

In order to achieve this objective Google India plans to

• Expand its sales team
• Enter into partnerships with advertising agencies
• Increase focus on mobile and display advertising
• Reach out to small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) who at present don’t advertise online

According to an article in Economic Times : Google India’s managing director and VP sales &

operations, Rajan Anandan, says it will hire 500 sales people in Asia, and “a good part of that will be in India,” He also adds “We see this as a massive untapped opportunity as they are very return on investment focused. By advertising online they know exactly the outcome of the money spent- SMB pays if it gets a lead or someone clicks on their site,”.

Digital Commerce India

All this indicate an employment boom in the IT sector of India with focus on Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

Currently according to IAMAI 2009 report the online sector Net Commerce distribution is as follows:

Components of Net Commerce


With Google focusing on India for tapping the SMB sector other industries also should go online and this will boost the sectors already having a presence online. The online scene surely seems to be bright for India with a focus on the SME and SMB sector.

Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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