Commercial Internet Completes 15 Years In India Today

The Internet is the lifeline of any industry. Commercial Internet completed 15 years in India today. The advent of the Internet has touched every aspect of an Indian’s life. It has transformed the way we buy things, make reservations for our travel and also the way we impart education to the next generation.

15 years seems to be quite a time span but on the other hand it seems there is a long way to go. Internet has given rise to the entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of technology hardware and software), education and marketing. Careers in the field of web development, online marketing and advertising, networking, etc. are being considered by many as lucrative and promising now after the dot com bubble burst
repercussions which were faced by many IT professionals in early 2000.

According to VeriSign, a leading provider of Internet infrastructure services, India has registered a total of 1.037 million .com and .net domain names ( was the first .com domain name registered in India in 1996); with 81 million internet users, India currently ranks fourth in terms of internet users worldwide and is predicted to have the third largest number of internet users by 2013; India has 180,000 cyber cafes and 75,000 Community Service Centres (CSCs); is the most searched website in the country; 84 per cent of total internet users visit social networking sites in India.

With this kind of growth and a promising upward graph the possibilities of India being the main hub where the web based and other projects can be outsourced is very high. There is an equal opportunity of India becoming a growing market for various products and services too.

Long Live The Internet And The Wonderful World Wide Web (WWWW)

Indians are always known for their hard work and scientific bent of mind. The presence of many Indians in the Google technical team at high positions is testimony to that.

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