Social Bookmarking Service – An Internet Marketing Tool

Social Bookmarking Buttons To Social Networking Websites
We all are familiar with the above icons. We keep on seeing them on nearly each and every
website and blog. These icons are social bookmarking buttons which help you connect and
save the details of the relevant page on the various social networking sites.
What is Social Bookmarking Service and why is it important?
Social bookmarking is a way to share, organize and manage the link of the relevant web
page via bookmarks. Most of these bookmarking services encourage users to organize their
bookmarks as tags.
The most common and the easiest way of bookmarking since we started using web
browsers has been adding the link to the favourites. But as social networking is spreading
like wild fire in the web world, the visitors have varied preferences and choices as per the
networking sites visited by them.
The visitors to your website should have all the options available to them to bookmark the
link to your webpage to the widely used social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,
Myspace, etc.
This is not just a facility offered to the visitor but it also offers many indirect benefits to the
website owner.
Social bookmarking facilitates:

  • Link building
  • Web popularity and web promotion,
  • Ensures an increase in the number of visitors to you website.

Hence, social bookmarking is an effective way of internet marketing, has SEO benefits and
is also an effective viral marketing tool.

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