SEO And Magento – How SEO Friendly Is Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform as explained on our previous blogpost  Magento eCommerce Solution For Your Business
The most valuable question to ask after you have decided to select Magento as the open source platform for your next eCommerce site :
Is Magento SEO friendly ? The answer is yes it is by far the most SEO friendly platform for eCommerce and shopping carts.
It enables the site to become SEO friendly as per the following features
·  Basic technical optimization
·  General Configuration
·  WWW vs non-WWW
·  Header Settings
·  CMS Pages
·  Category optimization
·  Products optimization
·  Magento Template Optimization
·  Optimized Blank Template
·  Headings
·  Clean up your code
·  Aim for speed
·  Advanced Magento SEO and Duplicate Content
·  Noindex, follow for non-content pages
·  Nofollowing unnecessary links
·  Canonical URLs
·  XML Sitemaps
All these aspects are explained in detail on the following link: Widgets


Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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