Magento 2 System Requirements

Magento 2 is a great platform for e-commerce, but there is still some confusion on how to run magento 2, such as “can we install magento 2 on server like magento 1 we did? Magento 2 has many new features that require new technology from your server.

To choose the best magento 2 hosting, it is necessary to understand the what environment server will be compatible with Magento 2.

Based on our experience and knowledge, Linux and centos are the best options to run magento 2. Centos is also recommend magento 2 by many.

Magento 2 has new requirement to install composer on server and due to composer magento 2 run will run faster and manage files and folders.

Magento 2 has one new requirement is PHP OPcache, this is the main technology why magento 2.X has better performance than magento 1.X. if you turn on this feature your store will run 20% faster.

Magento 2

Below are system requirements:

Supported web-servers :

Apache 2.2 and better


MySQL 5.6.x and greater version


 PHP 5.5.x and greater version

Required PHP extensions:

  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • mhash
  • SimpleXML
  • curl
  • xsl
  • gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both
  • SOAP
  • intl

Memory_limit 512Mb and more

Caching (optional) :

  • Redisv 3.0
  • Varnish v3.5 or latest stable v4.x
  • Memcached latest version

Composer :

 Latest version

Recommended :

  • php_xdebug2.2.0 and better (for development purposes)
  • PHPUnit (as a command-line tool) 4.1 and better

Article By: Sanjay Modasia

Sanjay is our lead developer with over 6 years experience, handling a strong team of developers with various industry expertise working on projects and meeting deadlines.

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