How To Increase Website Conversion Rates

In the world of Internet marketing it seems everyone is focused on increasing their website traffic when in fact this could make no difference to your bottom line. Or as some would say your profits. Fact is that all the website traffic in the world means nothing if the traffic doesn’t convert. Capisce (this is Italian for “Understand”?)
On the bottom line you want to increase your profits, and for doing so you need to look at website traffic conversions rather than worrying about the numbers of your visitors. This article will concentrate on doing exactly that, helping you to build trust between your readers and you. Once trust and credibility is established you will convert a lot more leads.  We implemented these methods on our kitchen stools store and we have some very interesting insights.

How to Build Trust and Convert More Visitors to Paying Customers

Ask for the Sale
Ask and it will be given. At least that’s the idea. But kidding aside, asking your readers to click on the link and buy your services/product is often the simple solution needed to convert more buyers. If you lose a lot of them before they convert to buyers or leads you need to ask yourself why?
To get clarity you can provide your readers with a survey. A survey will often uncover some interesting truths. Use a pop-up survey and ask them why they didn’t make the purchase, then use the new-found information to update the copy on your site. You’d be surprised to see how this simple technique can increase your conversions.
Guest Blog
Guest blogging has long been hailed as a secret tool to increase conversions. I should know because I’m doing this a lot. It helps me to build credibility and trust with my prospective buyers, therefore increasing my conversion rates.
The secret to doing this right is to approach industry leaders for guest blogging spots. Throwing a guest blog on a new blog nobody reads is a waste of time and energy.
Build Credibility With Testimonials
Social proof is high on the list of building your credibility. When others sing your praises, people will be more inclined to trust you. After all, the big honchos in your industry do, so why shouldn’t your still sceptic readers?
Featuring testimonials on your site is easy if you run it on WordPress. The testimonials manager allows you to do this in style, either in your sidebar or on a dedicated page.
Build JVs
Joint ventures are a great way to build each other’s reputation. You can endorse your JV partner while they endorse you. This works especially well with complementing industries. Don’t JV with your direct competitors, choose supplementing services or products instead and then build your relationship to build trust.
Offer Value
One of the fastest and cheapest ways to get higher conversions is by giving away quality information. When you hand your readers free stuff they can actually use and apply in their own lives you build immediate trust. Chances are that the law of reciprocity will take its course, resulting in a sale. Cialdini knew all that. And he’s taught many of us to be more aware of this wonderful law.
There you have it. Converting more leads into buying customers should be your focus if you’re currently concerned about website traffic. It will provide you with faster growth than anything else you’ve tried to-date.
This was a post by Lior who works for Kitchen Stools Direct, a bar stools and kitchen stools online store that sells high quality stools.

Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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