How everyone in your company can get on board with social media

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You as a business owner do not have to
solely be responsible for every aspect of your online footprints.
I’m sure you
already have a lot in your plate to do. You can easily delegate certain
to your colleagues and partners, especially your social media
campaigns, but
still keeping a close eye on them and monitoring the activities.

The main reason why business owners do
want to delegate their tasks is the fear of someone else having
control, and
the worry whether they will post and manage the company’s expectations,
whether the quality of the posts will drop. As your business grows, you
need to let go of certain tasks and assign them to others, just like
how you
have hired someone to manage your website, or take care of editorials
you as the owner can only do so much with your social media account,
fitting it into your daily busy schedule can be quite a task.

What is social media for your

media is not a notice board where
you post everything that comes to your mind, for your business it’s
more of a
customer service, and a tool to build and enhance business
relationships and to
grow your presence online. So now would you want someone external that
know or have much experience with your business to manage your social
media or
would you prefer someone in house to do these tasks, which means that
you will
have to reduce their workload so that they can dedicate some time to
company’s social presence. Tuff decision right. 
Every business owner we speak to knows
they need to have a social media account such as facebook and twitter,
in fact
they tell us when designing the website that “oh make sure you put a link to Facebook
or “I
would also need to create a facebook page, to link to my website,
could you help us with that
So everyone knows that having a presence on
social platforms is good, but then it just stops there, it’s just like
tick in the box. Are they actually fully harvesting and using it how
should. Just like on our own personal profiles, we interact with
family members are others that we probably have not even met. We need
to take
this same concept and attitude onto our business pages. Some of the big
have nailed social media 
marketing and
engagement with their audiences, they just do it in such a beautiful
such as Starbucks, Best buy, Coca Cola, we as SMEs can learn from their
and they way they excite their followers and create an online buzz.
So we all agree that having a social
presence for our business is a good thing, and we need to do it. Great. 
On the other hand we have business
that spend most of their time on social media but are not doing
anything productive,
hours and hours are spent daily, and they feel no sense of achievement,
they are addicted to just browsing and surfing through social media
and not being very productive.
There has to be a fine line, and
it comes
down to discipline. Yes social media is important, but you need to be
with it, and not let it distract you from your business.

Use of platforms

For a business owner as we mentioned
all about timing, updating ones website can be daunting for some, as it
involves taking out time from the actual business, and investing that
time to
maybe update images, text or writing a blog post for their business
website, on
the contrary updating the business social media account it’s not even
in the
question. That’s why you see many SME’s create business pages
for their new
business when they launch (tick in the box) and then the pages is
abandoned, a
few post here and there, and to be honest it’s just boring, when you
visit such
pages, no excitement, you can actually sense that there has been no
effort from
the business owner. Put yourself in a potential customers shoes, if
they came
across your social media profile, and saw that it’s not been updated
for months
or days, you probably think the business has gone down under. For such
it’s better not to have a page, than to have a page and leave it
So how do you overcome this obstacle,
have created your business social media accounts; let’s say even if its
Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, you now need to manage all of these
accounts. Rather than leaving them abandoned, the simplest thing would
do is to
sync them all together, so when you post a notice on one, all of them
updated with the same message. Agree it’s not the most practical
method, as you
will find that your followers on Twitter will engage with you in a
manner to the followers on Facebook and so on, so what might interest
one type
of audience may not interest the other, BUT it’s a start, it’s better
than not
posting anything, but don’t consider this has an opportunity to just
everything and to flood your pages with links and text, be realistic
about it,
spread it out over the day or week, look into when are the key times
potential audiences are on these platform.
If you are not up for syncing accounts
linking them together, you could go down the root of using platforms
such as HootSuite, TweetDeck or Social
, and Bufferapp,
which allow you to manage most
of your social media accounts in one place.
Hootsuite also has an option where you
add team members and give them access to certain profiles. You can use
feature to delegate your tasks to others in the office, and having a
good eye
on what’s happening on your profiles.
You don’t have to give all of your
to one individual, spread them out, give someone the responsibility to
your company’s Facebook page, and the other to manage the business
twitter page
and so on.

Set Time

As I have mentioned time is important
everyone, if you really want to succeed in something no doubt you have
to give
it time, and do the groundwork. Do not expect that if I spend 5 mins a
day on
Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, I will have all the followers that I
and my engagement levels would shoot up. Ask yourself the question,
what can
you achieve in that five minutes, most probably you will just get time
to catch
up on what’s happening on your wall.
Set aside a realistic time during the
something like 20 – 30 mins, so you have a good chunk of time to put
efforts into building your brand on these platforms. Yes you have to be
persistent and keep going and main thing is consistency. You will
notice over a
period of time you will notice that your followers will know what time
expect you online.
“I hated every minute of
training, but I
said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a
Muhammad Ali
Same applies to if you are going to
delegate social media task to your team members, do not give them 5
mins and
expect wonders to happen, give them a good investment of time so that
they can
produce some returns for your business.


Before you start to delegate your social
media to others, it’s extremely important to give it to
someone that actually
understands your company, understands your business model and your
industry. No
point giving it to someone that has had NO experience at all within
industry. How will they be able to justify their posts and updates, it
will be
impossible. Hence I am a stronger believer that social media should be
done in
house either by yourself (business owner) or someone that works in your
company, they will truly be able to give your profile the oomph that it
Yes if you delegate it outside, the work
will get done, you probably will even get the engagement, but something
will be
missing in the puzzle, your profile will never have that sparkle that
it could
have if it was done by yourself or in house.
So before you decide to give access to
someone even within your own organisation, ensure that they have fully
what you want to achieve online and has a good in-depth knowledge about
business and industry.
So now you are ready to hand of the
of your social media accounts to someone, you have established your
goals, you
clearly know what you want to achieve from it.


When delegating tasks, you would
chose someone that is at least passionate about the task, has some
knowledge, compare to a complete newbie that has not seen what facebook
like. Choosing the right people to manage your tasks will take off the
load of
you, as you just want to monitor, you do not want to end up doing the
task for
When you delegate your tasks erase the
thinking “if I want something done right, I have to do it
myself” – this will
just make you into a power freak and nothing will be achieved by you
and by
your team members.
There is no harm in outsourcing and
delegating your tasks, as long as there is a good relationship between
business owners and the individual or the organisation carrying out the
Communication is vital along with being passionate and willing to learn
understand the business.
can I can assign my social profiles too.
  • Someone in your office
  • Family member, usually the one that’s
    always social media and understands it
  • Part time staff
  • Freelancer – someone within
    your industry that understand how to engage and interact online
  • Organization – a company that
    specialises and has the manpower to do so.

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