Do you compromise quality with Outsourcing?

Outsourcing has become a common trend in most multi-national companies all over the world. This is the act of dividing the labor and allowing other individuals outside the company to perform certain tasks for a certain monetary amount. This can be a set amount of time or it can be extended indefinitely.

But is this practice considered as a compromise to the quality of the final products that they produce? How can we, as the consumers, be certain that outsourcing can benefit us and not the business owners alone? It would all depend on the management as to how they would outsource the work.

If the management decides to cut costs and to take the cheapest labor that is possible, without taking to account the qualifications of the employee. In fact, when the lessened cost becomes the driving factor in choosing their candidates to complete the work that they would want to be done, this would put the quality of their end product at risk.

To prevent this from happening, the company must be able to implement procedures so as to be able to hire a competent team that can finish their outsourced project. These steps would allow them to ensure the qualifications of the employees so that the quality of the products would not become compromised.

One way to ensure quality is to carefully screen the candidates for the job. This will allow you to weed through the applicants to see
which of them would be the best for the job. This can also prevent pitfalls such as incompetent and under qualified workers that may
compromise the quality of the work that is to be done.

To know if the candidate is qualified enough to take the job, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. These would include: previous work history, work experience that may be relevant to the job and clarification of qualifications, if the need arises. It would also be convenient to ask for both business and personal references of the applicant. This would allow the employers to personally check on the candidate’s work and personal ethics, as well as their general disposition in the workplace.

The management can also conduct a field visit location of the outsourced project. This would ensure them that the location is fully
functional and would not be the cause the quality of the end product to be compromised.

In essence, it is the management that can determine as to whether outsourcing will compromise the quality of the product or not. The quality is determined by the skill and the qualifications of the candidates that would be hired for the job. IF the management chooses to choose the best of the best of the candidates, then the quality of the job will not be compromised. But if the management chooses to prioritize cost over the skill and qualifications of the candidates, then the quality of the job will be compromised. In the end, it is not outsourcing that determines the quality of the job, but it all returns to its administrators and owners if they will choose cost over the quality of their products.

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