Do We Still Need To Give A Reason For Why Outsource Web Development To India?

The united states imports oil from Saudi Arabia, cars from Japan, TV’s from Korea, and whiskey from Scotland, So what do we import from India? We import people, really smart people, and as your about to see the smartest, the most successful, and the most influential are Indians that have migrated abroad. They all hold a common credential, they are graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology, better known as IIT, which is made up for several campuses throughout India. IIT is probably one of the most important Universities that you may have not heard off.

IIT is dedicated in producing world class, computer, chemical, and electrical engineers, with one of the most rigours curriculum in the world. The impact of IIT graduates have been so that they have placed leading roles in major blue chip companies though out the world.

This is not just in hi tech, for example the head of the McKinsey & Company is an IIT graduate, so is the vice chair man of Citigroup, and also the former CEO of U.S Airways have all been graduate of IIT.

Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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