Benefits of Creating Podcasts For Your Business

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What is a podcast?

Podcast is basically is an
audio digital file for users to download and save in portable devices
such as mp3 players, it can contain anything from music, interviews, or
anything in an audio format.

The general file format of a podcast is MP3.podcast

Wikipedia: MP3 is a popular
digital audio encoding and lossy compression format. It was designed to
greatly reduce the amount of data (10:1 compression is common) required
to represent audio, yet still sound like a faithful reproduction of the
original uncompressed audio to most listeners. In popular usage, MP3
also refers to files of sound or music recordings stored in the MP3
format on computers.

Should your business produce

There is no harm in making
podcasts for your business, you can set a certain date in the calendar
for example one a month, or a quarter where you publish a short podcast
about your business, products, or just general information for your

What are the benefits?

A new medium of
content for your business, which you can add onto your website,
blog…etc along with the general text and video posts, you can also
offer an audio post.

You can reach out to a different audience, everyones needs are
different, some prefer to listen to stuff compared to other that may
prefer to watch or even read. So by having this option you are
attracting a wider audience.

Build brand:
Besides your website, you can also publish your podcast and audios on
other platforms around the web such as iTunes, which will expand your brand awareness. The idea
is basically to get users to subscribe to your podcasts, so when you
publish new content (new podcast) it gets pushed directly to your
subscribers that have subscribed. So they
don’t have to check whether you have a
new podcast released, if they are subscribed, they will be notified.

How do I record?

Its not as difficult as it
sounds, you dont need anything fancy to
record your audio, your computer or smartphone would generally have a
recording program which can start you off, you can start to record
short podcasts using these programs, and editing them slightly.

Once you have the core content of your podcast, then its upto you how
you present it, you could include some fancy intros and ending and play
around with the sound.
Overall creating a
podcast is not time consuming, if thought out and constructed well you
can tap into new audiences for your business.

by derrickkwa

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