The Top 3 Best Wordpress Frameworks

WordpressAs you know, Wordpress is the most used open source platform you can use in creating beautiful websites or blogs. Producing customized WordPress themes is very easy by utilizing WordPress API.

In designing a Wordpress site, you have a few options to start with. Most web designers begin with HTML templates which they add WordPress codes to, others go the other way around and start with the basic WP code and build the design around it.

However, growing in popularity is starting with a theme or framework, which is, notably the most effective way to create a WordPress theme.

Wordpress theme frameworks are simple and some are more complex than others, which features in-depth templating systems. They are basically used as a foundation in creating your own themes which boosts your performance and efficiency in designing Wordpress sites.

Here are the top 3 most used Themes or Frameworks:

1.Thematic Framework

Is a theme framework developed by theme developer, Ian Stewart. It is free, open-source theme which includes 13 areas that are widget-ready. It is fully search-engine optimized and also includes styling for widely used plug-ins. It has a fully compatible with All-In-One SEO and Platinum SEO plug-ins and features basic typography modular CSS with packaged resets. One advantage is its dynamic post and body classes make it a great canvas for CSS artists. It also has several, implementable bulletproof lay-out choices for two or three column designs. This should be perfect for bloggers that are just starting out and WP professional developers. Free versions and commercially supported Child themes are already out for use.

2.Thesis Framework

This framework is one of the widely used and most popular premium theme frameworks. It is very powerful and its HTML+CSS+PHP framework is highly efficient and user-friendly controls that you can use. This is also good for users who do not know how to code, since Thesis option panels  give you the capability to easily command your site. On-Page SEO is also not a problem, since with Thesis all you have to do is input your amazing content and you’ll be all set! Thesis also focuses on typography, offers full support and has a layout generator  with options for 1, 2, and 3 column design options so it has a very flexible design. Thesis is a very high-end framework which is mostly utilized on high-profile websites such as Print Magazine blogs. You can check out an entire gallery of ideas on how you can fully customize Thesis to align to your company or website needs.

3.Genesis Framework

Genesis was created by StudioPress. It is a premium theme framework which has a child theme. You can purchase all its additional child themes in the marketplace. It’s search optimization support is native and you can set all the options in the Genesis backend panel similar with most efficient Wordpress theme frameworks. Genesis offers stylish looking turn-key designs, you can update your site instantly which makes customizing your site super easy. It also has unlimited support and updates as well. Theme options include font size, custom fields, header settings, navigation settings etc.

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Article By: Sanjay Modasia

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