Dissecting Drupal

Recently, you’d be surprised to find that there are already a number of open source software that can aid you in creating your own website, especially when you’re just starting. All of these software have their strengths and weaknesses, but it would be hard to determine which software program would be the best one for you.

One of the software that you can choose from is Drupal. This is an open source software that is simple enough so that it can allow you to create your own website in just a matter of hours. Drupal can allow you to have  robust user management, menu-handling, and real-time statistics in your content. You can easily update pictures and text in your website as well as videos, text, blog, polls, etc. But how can you be sure that Drupal is the software for you? Here are some insights taken from different reviews all across the worldwide web to help you determine if Drupal is the software of your choice.


Drupal is a very vast software. It can be used to run any kind of website. There are also a lot of modules available for all of your needs so that you can create whatever you may need for your website. It has also been dubbed as a “game changing” technology because it makes it possible for “power users” to build web based content management applications without needing to write the codes. It is also advisable  for search engine optimization. It’s basic SEO capabilities are expanded by vast array of modules include pathautonodewords, and custom breadcrumbs.


But Drupal also has its downsides to the software. First of all, the software is a pretty hard to master and understand. Some have said that it would be easier to just learn HTML codes than to understand Drupal. The program itself is also very bare; you would need to download and install at least 20 modules to have your website up and running. Though there are a lot of these modules that are available online, it would be hard to keep track of each and every one of them. Drupal also has very confusing terminologies, which make it hard to understand and manipulate for the user.


With all that has been said, Drupal is one of the many gifts that the world wide web has to offer us. Not only because it is free of charge but because of its numerous innovations and its many modules that can be used for optimum development. Now that you have heard its pros and cons from various experts and customers all over the web, it is your turn to decide for yourself if Drupal is the open source software for you.  Take a look at Drupal today at drupal.org/.

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