A Deeper Look at Joomla

In this modern day and age, there has been a lot of advancements in technology,. especially with the world wide web. Before, creating your own website needed enough technical knowledge to be able to have a website of your own. You would need to know how to use html codes and know what these codes meant or did. Now, anyone can create their own website with just a few clicks and a special software to make their web designing experience especially easier for them. Fortunately, one of these programs is called Joomla. Joomla is an open-source Content Managing System or CMS, that is quite popular among those interested in design, and has also been used to create a number of websites that are currently up and running on the world wide web.


If you are one of those people who would want to create their very own webpage, these facts and information can all be very appealing, but how can you be certain that Joomla  is the right CMS for you? To help you in deciding on the matter, here is a review of Joomla so you can decide for yourself whether this is the CMS for you.


Joomla is a fairly easy to navigate. Even without that much html know-how, you can create your own template. You can easily add content on your website with just a few clicks . You can easily add videos, articles, and pictures to your website. Having and designing your own navigation structure is also very easy for this CMS. Despite the complexities of a site like Joomla, there are a lot of online tutorials and books, especially from the Joomla community.


Admittedly though, Joomla is not a perfect CMS program. It has some issues regarding it as well. First of all, it may be a little too complex for everyday people to handle. The core system demands a lot from the database, and if your database can not handle it, then your website may crash at a certain point. All updates to your website have to be done manually when it comes to Joomla, since there isn’t a update function available. You would also need a third party extension since the system generated URLs are not that good for SEOs.


All in all, Joomla is not a perfect content managing system, but it can surely make the job easier for you, especially when you are starting your own  website. It may have its faults, it may have its outstanding qualities, but eitherway, Joomla is an effective and functioning CMS that can help you with your web designing needs.

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