Who We Are

The PerfectWeb Design & Development Company

We at Hidden Web Genius have a network of professionals that you can hire for your projects, whether it is a website design and development or bespoke solution for your mobile app. With our expertise and network we can find the perfect team member for your project. We thrive in making presence known with our expertise in our bespoke solutions of:

  1. – Website Design & Development
  2. – eCommerce Solutions
  3. – Mobile Design & Development
  4. – Internet Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  5. – Branding (Graphic design logos, leaflets and booklets)

Who do we work with

We have experience in working with many SME’s and Corporate organisations in UK, Canada and USA, who require a genius solution for their projects. We also work with many design firms providing a bespoke solution for their clients.

Why Choose Hidden Web Genius

With over ten years in the industry we understand the web and the internet, along with the demands it has. Our team can understand your requirements and what short falls you may can come across in building the perfect website. At times you just need a helping hand to ensure that your projects are completed at the highest and professional level, which we offer with care and interests for all our projects.

With Hidden Web Genius You Can

  • Build your brand at affordable prices
  • Hire skilled developers and designers for a certain projects
  • Have a dedicated team to work on your website
  • Have assurance that we meet your deadlines
  • Work as part of your team

If you are a design agency all of our team members can also work directly with your clients, leaving you with a peace of mind of just over looking the project. They will work as they are from your company.

If you’re looking for the wow factor with your next project, Hidden Genius has the solution for you, contact us today.

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