How to produce content for your business blog

Writing articles can be quite a task, and also time consuming, especially for business owners, you are trying to run your day to day business, most probably already juggling couple of tasks, now you have to write articles for your blog posts. Below is some quick points that I do on a regular biases to ensure that i can come up with some topics and ideas to write about, which saves time, and also produces articles related to what my audience want.

Here are the tips on how to create quality articles:

1. Make a list of keywords & possible topics – look for keywords that are relevant to your website. You will then need to make a list and look for a set of keywords that you believe will rank well with the search engines. More often than not, this list of phrases or keywords will be the keywords that your customers will be using when doing their searches, either for products or services.

In other words, you need to create a list of actual keywords that your potential customers might use during searches – and utilize those which will best describe or will be actually connected with your website or business. These could be “How to do” articles related to your niche, or “Help or tutorials” articles, overall educating your audience.

You can jot these down on a note pad (I use Evernote) and over time you will find that you have a whole list of articles and topics that you can write about.

2. Make use of a Keyword research tool – Most of the available keyword tools on the web right now will do the job.  However, most SEO experts prefer Google Adwords because it is an accessory application to Google search engine and because it is for free.  Now, if you have the extra money, you can always hire someone to do the keyword research for you (though it may be a little costly) – however it may save you some much needed time.

3. Consider the length of your article/s – in this case, there is no right or wrong, no article that is too short and no article that is too long – everything will just depend if you’re making a blog post or an article. Imagine that you’re the one reading that article that you wrote – and try to see if you would still be interested in finishing the entire 15 pages of it.  If not, then cut down the length.list

The average quality articles would range from 300-1000 words per topic. These are already summarized, concise, direct-to-the-point articles which provide the necessary information – and are appealing and not boring to the readers.

When writing the articles, deepening on your audience, you can judge the article length, as if your audience prefer short articles about 300-500 words than you do not want to keep publishing long posts as you will not be able to engage with readers accordingly. Always keep the readers in mind.

4. Review your Article – it doesn’t hurt you if you review your content after you finish writing – because you just might find something to add or remove therein to provide more quality.  Besides, you must remember that by reviewing your work constantly – your articles will become even better than they already are.

5. Type of Articles – When publishing articles on your site, consider the mixing it up with various styles and types, below are some styles and types of articles you can publish to enlighten your audience.

– How to do articles

– Educational articles

– Tips and advice

– Testimonials and reviews

– Video articles

– Check list, and list article,

– Business news and information

– Event updates and feedback

Above are some of the ideas I use on a regular biases to keep my blogs business and personal updated regularly. Overall be creative with your content and come up with something special.

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