Are You Neglecting Videos in Your Business?

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Over the past couple of years Videos have become more and more
important in building one’s reputation and brand online. Business are
investing in general videos about their products and services as a form
of building engagement with the customers.

Search engines have also emphasised the importance of video, by
displaying them in search results, as you can see from the screenshot
below, at times its videos that are shown above other organic search

Videos and SEO
Importance of Video

So creating videos and having this as part of your new content
strategy, can expose your business to a new audience, and most
importantly you may find your video ranking quite well for those
competitive keywords that you have been craving for.

You maybe thinking this is something new, but in fact Google has
integrated videos in its search results since back in 2007, where
websites featuring videos were having an advantage above others.

Whether you are a service provider or a retailer both can harvest the
benefits of having videos on your website. Lets look into this in a bit
more detail.

What do I need a video for?

You may be sitting there scratching your head, how do hell am i going
to create videos for my business, and then get them onto my website,
and most importantly what do I create the video on.

So before we go and create some videos and look at what type of
contents we can put on our website, we need to consider why are we
going to create videos for our business, what’s the point.

The whole purpose of creating videos for your business is:
– To expand your business exposure
– Build brand awareness
– To target and cater for new audience
– To create new fresh content

and further to that, doing all of the above is to increase your sales
and generate your leads which has an impact on your business bottom

So in short to future proof your online business, you need to consider
video contents.

Now onto what to include on these videos, you maybe thinking that you
need to set aside some funding to invest into your video venture, in
fact not really, most probably you have a smartphone, or a digital
camera, which does recording, to start off you can use that, It does
not say anywhere in the rulebook (if there is one) that you need to
have a whole film crew with singing and dancing technology, all you
need to do is produce video content, how you do that its entirely your

Yes having a good camera, and doing some video editing will give a
better presentation and better impression of your organization.

You can create videos for anything to do with your business, a quick
list is to give you some ideas:

Company overview: An overview of your
Product Information: Every single product
on your site can potentially have a video.
News: Any news and events
Testimonials: Asking your customers to
record a minute or two minute video about your business and services.
Info about your service: information about
the service that you are offering.
Guides & Tutorials: You could show
others how to do certain tasks with your products by creating
tutorials, and even tutorials for the services that you offer.
Interviews: You could do a video
interview of an individual or a company which has authority in your

I have recorded my video – now what?

Well the good news is, the hard part is done, now we need to just
polish the video up and get it ready for the web for the world to see.


I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot on editing, especially if you are
on a low budget, you can do this yourself at times with easy to use
video editing programs, but again as mentioned above, its your
companies image and brand, so you don’t want to come across tacky and
cheap, but on the other hand you do not want to invest a huge amount of
your marketing budget.

After a few practises you can create a decent video for your business.

Points to include and consider when editing your video:

  1. Logo: Always
    include your company logo, whether its at the beginning, end or
    throughout the video, you need to let your audience know that its a
    video done by your company & organization.
  2. Sound: You
    may need to increase or alter the sound quality so that its comfortable
    to hear, such as reducing background noise.
  3. Brightness:
    You may want to play around with the contrast and brightness of the
    video, especially if you have recorded this in a dark area or in a too
    bright area.

Once you are 100% happy with your video, you are now ready to save this
file to be uploaded onto the web. You could save your video in most
common formats available, as YouTube does accept most formats and
converts them well. It’s worthwhile having a look at some recommended formats from YouTube.

Adding video to your website

I would always recommend uploading your videos onto YouTube or Vimeo
(or both) and then embedding them onto your website, using the code
provided.  The reason this is a preferred method

  • Hosting: You
    are not hosting the video files directly on your server, so you are not
    eating into your hosting space especially if you have a lot of videos.
  • Bandwidth: By
    streaming videos from YouTube / Vimeo and other video platforms, you
    are not using up your bandwidth. These sites are designed for video
    streaming and hosting, they can handle multiple user requests without
    the server falling over.
  • Building your presence:
    By submitting your videos onto these sites, you are adding video
    titles, descriptions and so on, which is building your brand awareness
    on such platforms, which already have good traffic and audience.

Notes: When adding videos to
YouTube / Vimeo, ensure that you give your video a good title, which
includes at least one of the keywords that you want that video to rank

Give the video a good description mentioning what the video is about,
and also a link to where the video is actually posted on your website.

If you are looking for an alternative video hosting provider, I would

Adding the video to your site is straightforward, but so that you take
advantage of the latest HTML markup codes and that your content is
easily understood by major search engines, it is recommended that you
add your video using Schema code. It can be a bit
technical for some elements depending on what you are looking to code
up, but for videos it is quite straightforward. You can view our
article How To Add Video And Audio Files On Your
Site Using Microdata as per
, I will recap below.

The code that you capture from Youtube generally looks like below:

frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

What we now need to do is to add some extra coding to this, you can see
on the code below we what you need to add around your orginal embed

OF YOUR VIDEO </span></h2>
VIDEO e.g. T1M41S”
content=”FULL URL OF
itemprop=”description”>DESCRIPTION OF YOUR
VIDEO. </span>

Name of video:
This is just a simple video name
Length of video: If your video
is 2 minutes and 34 seconds, enter it like T2M34S
Thumbnail url: You need to upload
an image representing this video onto a server or even onto Picasa
and paste the full url over here. e.g.
Full URL of your video: paste
the full url of your youtube video e.g.

Paste The embed code: The embed code that you copy form YouTube or Vimeo
Description: A brief
description of your video

Once you have added all the relevant codes you can test this using Google
rich snippet page

If you have entered the code correctly you will see all the data
display here like shown below.

Schema Test

After you have have added video to your

Now you need to create a video sitemap
xml and submit this to Google Webmaster tools, depending on how your
site is built, you may have to do this manually or you may get
automated plugins and extensions that will generate and update an XML
sitemap. It would be worth while speaking to your website
at this stage.

Google does have some documentation regarding this over here.

All the best with creating video content for your business, point to
take, Videos should not be overlooked in your online marketing strategy.

Article By: Hidden Web Genius

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