How To Use Pinterest for Your Site

"pin it"Are there any photos and videos on your site?

Prior to signing up on Pinterest, you need to look at what other Pinterest users are pinning from your website.

Upon seeing what are being shared, you should start producing more similar content. You should also see what kinds of traffic Pinterest drives towards your site by opening your analytics dashboard.
Once you see what is being shared, you should create more content that is similar. Also, open your analytics dashboard, and see what type of traffic Pinterest is driving to your site. There are two things that will help you define the content you will put on your site, and what your “voice” or branding should be on pinterest: what people are pinning from your site and what users are clicking on.

Here are helpful ideas to utilize Pinterest:

1. Put a “Pin” on your site.

 When you begin creating more interesting content driven towards Pinterest users, you might as well make those content easier for the users to share. Sure, Pinterest users can do manual adding of photos and videos to Pinterest, but it surely helps to make it easier for them by placing a Pinterest “Pin” button to any page on your site which you think has great photo or video content.

2. Sign up for Pinterest with your Brand

Once you have your content all over Pinterest, you should consider setting up your brand with a Pinterest account. You can ask for an invite on their home page, however, make sure that you do not combine your business and your personal accounts. You can do this by using your company email and signing in to Pinterest with your brand’s Twitter account.

3. Your boards should be consistent with your strategy.

Pinterest users usually pin and organize your content based on their personal preference, however you should utilize your boards to supplement and help define your brand and company culture.

4. Engage your Audience

If you want your fans to engage, provide them with opportunities to do so. You can think of creative ways of engaging your customers from running promotions like a photo contest to simply encouraging them to tweet or post relevant photos of themselves with your products or service.

5. Get involved in the conversation.

Put comments on photos about your website and blog. Read and comment back on photos if there are questions.

6. Hashtag Your Photo’s Description

Just like Instagram, Pinterest has a search function that categorizes related topics. This will help other users to find your content in their searches easily.

Since Pinterest is still relatively new platform, you will expect more changes to come especially for brands as new features rolled out and its user base continually grows. Pinterest is not necessary for all brands, however trying it out would be good to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing social media word. It will help you promote and boost your site by driving more traffic from Pinterest users.

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