All in one ecommerce Solution for Online Retailers

All in one ecommerce Solution for Online Retailers

Having a good ecommerce site plays a huge part in the success of your online business. As you want something that is reliable, easy to use, and search engine friendly, finding the perfect solution can be quite a task, therefore we at Alrayes & Hidden Web Genius have spent hours with a dedicated team in building a solution for business like yourself.

We  are proud to announce that our e-Commerce platform will give you the peace of mind that you require for your ecommerce business. With intense testing, and developing features to meet online retailers requirements, we are positive that you can launch your online shop and have full peace of mind over usability, performance and security.

Along with ease of use from admin and users prospective, we are constantly improving and adding new features along with ensuring that all the websites powered by our solution rank well in search engines. Our CMS is packed with SEO features to give your website the best chance in ranking for those important keywords.

Our Al

Good Ecommerce Platform
All In One Ecommerce Solution $950


Our Ecommerce Solution For You Includes:

We offer you the complete solution from a user friendly bespoke design to development.

All In One Ecommerce Solution $950

Key Features & Concept Of Our Ecommerce Solution


User Side

Development – General


Home Page:


Category Page:


Sub Category Page:


Product Detail Page


Shopping Cart


General Page





CMS Editor

With the CMS editor you will be able to manage the text of the general pages of your website such as About Us, Contact Us, Terms…etc



Delivery Module




Home Page Main Banners


Subscribed Newsletters


Registered Users



Good Ecommerce Platform
All In One Ecommerce Solution $950

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